A Helping of Raspberry Pi (and Other News)

Raspberry Pi pre-release circuit board
Image: Jared Smith / CC BY-SA
The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, easy-to-use, and incredibly low-cost computer. Nonprofits, schools, and libraries are using them to teach (and learn!) computer programming, electronics, hardware skills, and more. See what the Raspberry Pi buzz is all about.
  • Can’t keep up with all the latest tech news? We’ve got you covered. In this month’s trending tech news, read about technology helping the homeless, “ingestible” technology (really!), and much more.
  • Here at TechSoup, we love learning about technology. And we want to help you find your new favorite news source.
  • If you think apps are just for fun and games, this will blow your mind: Our U.K. partner, Technology Trust, is using apps to run their entire organization.

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