$55M estimated for the elections

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The timetable of upcoming elections is now known, but no one can say exactly what will cost the organization of these new elections: two rounds of presidential elections, the two rounds of the third of the Senate, the second round of legislative elections and complementary and local elections. Monday, during the presentation of the electoral timetable,  Léopold Berlanger had declared “Right now we are working with the government, we make assessments, but there are no yet figures,” confident that with or without the International, the government will find the necessary funds.

According to the latest information provided by Eddy Jackson Alexis, Deputy Spokesman of the Head of State, Haiti would need (provisional estimate) of 55 million US dollars to organize all elections “[…] It is a envelope for the moment on which one works. It’s not finalized yet…” stressing that the Government had already identified in its budget $30 million that could be immediately be mobilized for elections.

The President a.i. Privert urged ministries, directorates and autonomous bodies to make their vehicles available to the CEP to avoid renting vehicles, considering also that students and school children over 18 years should be mobilized to reduce the cost of the election.

For its part, the international community is very reserved, if not chilly on a new financial contribution for the partial resumption of these elections, without guarantee that these new funds will not be wasted once again by political decisions… while the taxpayers of different donor countries; have already spent nearly $100 millions…

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