Haitians are fed up with Preval and his crooked administration-Chanting DOWN WITH PREVAL

May 21, 2010
More than 5,000 Duvalierists marched through the streets of Petionville to protest against President Preval’s government and Preval’s attempt to derail the electoral process.
Contrary to foreign opinion the massive Haitian majority was never anti-Duvalier. A balanced poll of Haiti’s vast majority shows Jean-Claude ┬áDuvalier remains popular. Immediately before the 2006 election thousands swarmed to the international airport when rumors saw Jean-Claude returning.
The Duvalierists have added their support to the ongoing, and accelerating series of protests against Rene Preval’s effort to remain in power.
Haiti cannot hold free-and-fair elections with Preval in office and his personally appointed electoral Council in place.

Preval must go!

We must have a new Electoral council.
The International Community must invest the money and manpower needed to insure a valid balloting process. If they fail to do this there is no hope for a proper electoral process.


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  1. the boxes for vote tickets were in the garbage dumps for preval elections. news showed pictures of a lot of them on the ground still full before the votes were counted.

  2. Can’t allow electronic machines either- They have been positively proven to be easily hacked into by distant computers, and are unreliable at best in dependability and functionality.
    Heck, the US Presidency twice now has fallen to the wrong person by means of faulty Diebold machines.

    Look up Diebold dispute elections and surely you will find a lot to read about. Some may be garbage, but the facts are that these machines, like ANY other connected to a network- They all can be hacked into.

    The Pentagon gets hacked into more often than you may like to believe, so don’t ever think that electronic voting machines will assure any sort of democratic process, or the integrity of the gathering of votes.

    Perhaps use the standard ballot boxes, but guard every polling station with high grade US and Canadian MARINES.

    Yes, lets use the troops for something good, and where success is achievable.

  3. I was there in the manifestation and there were many more than 5,000.

    Duvalier is still very popular in Haiti.

    He would be welcomed if he returns.

  4. There is a report that Duvalier may return within the next week or so and file his candidacy for the presidency.

    If he did that he will really put the place into a tumult.

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