3D Resources reveals gold recoveries of up to 99.4% from Haiti- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

The advantage of the gold projects is the simple metallurgy.
3D Resources Ltd (ASX:DDD) is already making rapid progress in Haiti, as the company only entered into agreements to acquire controlling interest in two Haitian companies earlier in the month.

The companies are Delta Societe Miniere SA which owns the Morne Bossa gold project, and Ayiti Gold Company SA which owns the Grand Bois gold project.

3D Resources has now revealed outstanding gold recoveries of up to 99.4% from Morne Bossa oxide ore metallurgical tests.

12 hour recoveries ranged from 92.1% – 98.7% of the gold from leach results.

The advantage of the projects is the simple metallurgy which makes them both amenable to a simple cyanide leach circuit so the presence of copper and silver is not a problem.

The company’s current plans are to build a simple CIP/CIL circuit to treat both the Morne Bossa and Grand Bois oxide ore bodies and to evaluate the limits of the open cuts by those transitional ores and sulphide ores that are commercial to treat.

Why Haiti

In 2014, the Haitian government together with the World Bank began drafting a new mining code that would help open the country to new foreign investment from mining companies.

This new mining code is currently in the final stages of going through the Haitian parliament.

Once signed into law, this new mining code will very likely see a rush of companies to explore and build sustainable and economic mining operations, as has happened in other countries which updated their mining codes.


Just another way for a few Haitians to make a fortune.

Should look at how the two companies mentioned got their original contracts.

Use of chemicals, such as cyanide, for recovery is disastrous to the environment. Controls will b avoided by payments to Senators, Deputies or members of the government.

At present, the agreements are of little financial value to the state.


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  1. This is called another Gold Rush, may Ayitians remember what happened in Miragoane with their Bauxite Ores, this is History repeating itself..

    The Blan had left the Mines untreated and left a Genocidal ruins in those Mines whereas Millions of Acres of Miragoane’s Land were poisoned with Aluminum traces, specially when it rains a lot

    Senators, Presidents, Deputies, Judges are just waiting in, with their names on the list, to be bribed
    The People will always be the losers, why can’t the Blan, the Mulattoes, the Government, the FMi, the WorldBank combine their efforts to enter North Korea, in order to go invading it and exploit their rich Mines?
    Why can’t they? why not….why doing it to Ayiti? How is the People going to benefit? what is the Plan does the Senate in order to return the Profit from that exploitation to the Ayitian People?

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