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La tête d’Opont, les corrections ou la transition ?

la tête d’Opont Guillotine pour Opont. Au figuré, c’est tout le « bien » que souhaite des candidats, des partis politiques… au président d’un CEP…

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Haiti shows how wealthy countries ‘continue to cause disaster’ – Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Workers get paltry wages at foreign firms that ‘extract the profits from their labour,’ researcher says By Nicola Luksic, Tom Howell, CBC News Posted: Sep 15,…

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Max Beauvoir, the Voodoo Priest Who Saved Haiti, Dies at Age 79

A Sorbonne-trained chemical engineer, Max Beauvoir followed his grandfather’s dying wish to become a voodoo priest—and was instrumental in helping Haiti avoid invasion by U.S….