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Martelly reprend les négociations en main

LeNouvelliste: Comme il l’avait annoncé à son retour d’Espagne, le chef de l’Etat part à la recherche d’une majorité au Parlement. Michel Martelly a déjà…

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U.S. alleges bribes to Aristide Associates

Published: July 13, 2011 at 1:02 PM MIAMI, July 13  — On Wednesday, the  U.S. Justice Department said several have been charged in a Haitian…

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Business Man Who Built Miami’s South Beach, Now Looking to Build Jacmel

Michael Capponi [Landsbery, Poder360] JACMEL, Haiti – 
South Beach nightclub promoter and entrepreneur Michael Capponi is standing in the soon-to-be inaugurated lobby of his latest…