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Preval plans to ARREST DUVALIER on Thursday

Preval plans to arrest Jean-Claude Duvalier on Thursday to create an incident that will draw attention from Preval’s efforts to steal the election from Martelly….

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U.S. missionary released from Haitian jail

By BEN FOX Associated Press PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — An American missionary who was abruptly jailed in southern Haiti and held without charges for five months…

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US sees encouraging signs in Haiti elections

WASHINGTON — The United States said Monday that it is too early to say whether Haiti’s presidential run-off election was free and fair, but pointed…

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La victoire de Michel Martelly est confirmée par les observateurs internationaux

Les rapports d’observateurs internationaux, d’une ambassade occidentale basée à Port-au-Prince et du secteur privé font état d’une victoire écrasante du candidat Repons Peyizan sur sa…