April 16, 2021
Aristide used the “Big Lie Concept” created by Joseph Goebbels during Hitler’s reign of terror. 

The actual facts are very simple.
Aristide probably won 67% of the votes cast in Haiti’s 1990 election, even though an illegal FM radio transmitter in the French Embassy declared Aristide the winner at 11 A.M. Evans Paul, Aristide’s supporter, and mayor of Port-au-Prince, put the Mob on the street, effectively ending the ballot.
Anyone who complained was killed.
The situation was so flagrant that Jimmy Carter, and Robert McNamara, in Haiti as observers, tried to intervene. Evans Paul told them he would attack and destroy them and their aircraft.
The brave duo   made a hasty retreat to Miami.
The United Nations could not accept the facts, as they were, and said that 1,600,000 votes were cast, and Aristide won 67%.
They could hardly accept the truth, reported by a Montreal-based survey group, hired by Aristide, that Aristide was declared winner with less than 0.5% of 1% of the votes counted. Aristide sent the guy home and worked to suppress the report.
Aristide’s 8.5 months, as President, was marked with terror and incompetence. He closed down all ministries, for restructuring, then never re-opened them. People were “necklaced” on the streets. Two blind musicians were among those who met this fate.
Aristide travelled to New York, where he spoke before the UN. Upon his eturn, Aristide gave his famous “Necklace Speech” and the rest is history.
There was no coup.
The Nation was tired of the chaotic, murderous violence, where even the dogs stayed off the street after 7 P.M.
Like a ripe pimple, Aristide reached a point where the population rejected him and Aristide flew into exile.
Of course, history, written by the International Community, could not accept reality and the BIG LIE STARTED.
And so, Haiti’s entry into Democracy was built on a lie that must be perpetuated, and expanded, over the years, as our International Community refuses to accept the fact.

While the International Community worships at the altar of free-and-fair voting, no matter how flawed and dishonest, Haitian are disinterested.
The majority of Haiti’s massive population have no interest in elections.
Adelina Dayiti

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