18 Candidates in the Run-Off, and Preval WINS them ALL??

Too much for the voters that have been cheated. They give Preval until SUNDAY to correct things- OR ELSE.

The “Or Else” has already started. Doctor and Nurse burned to death at hospital near Mirabelaise. many homes burned in Leogane, and elsewhere.

Seems as though the Foreign Election Observers only watched the Presidential Ballot and ignored the Parlimentary vote- effectively leaving Preval in control of the Nation.

How this will be corrected, without many deaths, and further destruction of property, is a major question, without any practical answer.

The CEP was frightened at what would happen when they released the Preval-dictated results and delayed the announcement twice. They finally released the details of the crime at Midnight Wednesday. The CEP members probably left Haiti.

Once again, the International Community had meddled- disasterously- in Haitian affairs. Once again, Haitians will die because of this.

Arrest Preval and the CEP.

Cancel- I don’t know- the 18 stolen seats, and pursue Justice.

France should help Haiti by extraditing Preval for the murder of their Consul. Amaral Duclona and others have provided the evidence.

Someone must do the honorable thing for once and help Haiti.



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1 thought on “18 Candidates in the Run-Off, and Preval WINS them ALL??

  1. Kile pou ayiti bon pou li bel? Poum ka chante ala kontan-m kontan aswe-a m-man peyim mezanmi. Ala kontan-m kontan aswe-a m-avek zanmi….

    Its time to end corruption and bring honesty.

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