July 31, 2012

Martelly’s Carnival of the Flowers – Carnaval des Fleurs  drew a phenomenal crowd on its second day, and evening. Not since the 1993 Carnival has Haiti seen such a vast crowd in its downtown area. The Champs de Mars was crowded to its limits with masses of people flooding into surrounding streets.

Using an old method of crowd estimations, a photo was taken of one section. The people in the square were counted and then this number was applied to the total area covered by the Carnival itself. This actually indicated more than a million.

One wonders what AP – Associated Press – will say about this. They reported “thousands” attending the Sunday Carnival, when hundreds of thousands plugged the streets. This time they might say 10 – 20,000. The media can really screw Haiti by undervaluing things that are positive, and overvaluing things that are negative.

One might criticize Martelly for spending badly needed money on this event, but the people, the real people enjoyed themselves for 3 days.

That cannot be all bad.


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