Taiwan Launches Disaster Mitigation Project in Haiti, Dominican Republic

Above: Port-au-Prince (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Taiwan is launching a disaster mitigation project in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, in partnership with the Pan-American Development Foundation.

The six-month project will examine weaknesses in the environment in both countries which represent “imminent threats to the people of the community,” according to a PADF release.

The project will map vulnerable communities using handheld GPS and develop a series of preventive measures to mitigate risk and prevent damage on an island particularly vulnerable to natural disasters.

Taiwan first established a $2.5 million PADF fund in December 2012 as part of a five-year regional disaster assistance and reconstruction programme.

Facing the global climate change issue, Taiwan, as a provider of humanitarian aid, is glad to collaborate with PADF to help the Haitian Government’s efforts in the fields of disaster prevention,” said Bang-zyh Liu, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Haiti.

Taiwan has funded several projects in Haiti in recent years, including a project to restore water access in 2009 and a $300,000 grant for earthquake relief in 2010.

“PADF will build on its existing programs and extensive networks in the region to implement critical supports in a zone that is particularly vulnerable to hurricanes and other natural disasters,” said Nadia Cherrouk, Country Director for PADF in Haiti. “We are very proud of the opportunity to continue collaborating with Taiwan in helping and supporting communities who are vulnerable.”


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  1. Hello I am Bob From Taiwan

    I join one foundation in Taiwan called word citizen, and my project is go to Haiti helping for reconstruction, in your website I saw a lot of information which I never know before, I was wondering is there a NGO or reconstruction company(like Build Change)that you suggest can do a volunteer in Haiti ?

    ●【Build Change】
    I apply for the Build Change but now the company is aim for developing the south USA

    ●【Overseas Engineering & Construction Co(OECC)】
    I did not find much detail reconstruction information in Haiti.

    ●【Habitat for Humanity】
    Today I sent the mail for asking the reconstruction project, waiting for the reply

    If you know some about the volunteer or NGO reconstruction in Haiti please contact my Mail or leave me a message.


    Best regard Bob Yin

    Friday. May 3.2013

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