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Sep 2, 2018

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“Preventative Detention” is really a blot on the entire Haitian society.

Under Preventative Detention we have over 9,000 of the 11,000 people locked up in our jail system stick in a quagmire that has no end. A lady charged with stealing a cell phone has been locked up for over 3.5 years without appearing in court.

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She might be innocent  and – even if guilty – what would the sentence be for stealing a cell phone?

Preventative Detention must be dealt with and President Moise is working on this.

However, another unfortunate factor that plagues Haitian society is “DISCHARGE” that mythical animal that keeps innocent Haitians locked up in a legal quagmire from which escape, for Jesus Christ, would be impossible without a bunch of paid criminals in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies.

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What is supposed to be a simple audit function has become one in which the innocent, or guilty must pay out a few million dollars in order to get the nod from our Senate and Chamber of Deputies, already filled with people who would behind bars FOREVER in a real world society.

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Jesus Christ, with an audit carried out by Saint Peter, would languish without a Discharge, unless he paid off a few of our elected representatives.

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Support from Disciples doesn’t count.

Ask someone, involved in the process, “how are things going?”

They won’t answer, “Just a few balance sheets to check and I will be through.” … they will probably answer… “Well I have the Senate tied up and am almost there in the Chamber…cost me three million.”

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In other words, the Devil himself, or Privert could get a Discharge with an adequate payment to those involved, while Jesus Christ is sidelined because of his Principles.

Well, actually – NO!  Privert probably doesn’t need Discharge since he was President and Presidents do not require a Discharge, under the Constitution since “They were not legally responsible for handling funds!”


So the $8,000,000 he took from the Taiwanese, for a favorable UN vote doesn’t count, nor does the $150,000 he committed to a new car for his friend Barbier, or the other millions he scammed from Petrocaribe…

Time for a fresh look at things.


The entire concept of Discharge must be thrown out and replaced with some sort of accounting process that does not depend upon bribery in place of sound accounting procedures.

How about a simple “flip of the coin?”

“Heads” you get a Discharge.

“Tails” you are refused a Discharge.

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Would be a much more balanced situation than now exists!

As it is, “Discharge” is a simple weapon to block the candidacy of potentially popular, dangerous individuals who might want to do something positive for Haiti.

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