«Zokiki» winner in the 1st round

Haiti - Elections : «Zokiki» winner in the 1st round

The former Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Jean Renel Sénatus aka “zokiki” Senate candidate under the banner of the platform “Dessalinienne League” (LIDE) [# 90] in the West department, is elected in the first round, according to the decision of the Departmental Electoral Office of Litigation (BCED) of West.

“the BCED, welcomes the challenge to be regular in form; in background, says that Jean Renel Sénatus, in accordance with the prescribed of articles 45-1 of the Electoral Decree in force and 94-4 of the amended constitution, has a lead of 44.003 votes, a percentage of 43.18% compared to its immediate pursuer.

Therefore, declares him winner of the first round of the senatorial for West of August 9, 2015 […]” one can read in the decision of BCED also asking the CEP to comply with the said decision “by proclaiming the citizen Jean Renel Sénatus winner […]”

However, “IF” this verdict is the subject of dispute at the National Electoral Office of Litigation (BCEN) it will take the decision of this body before the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) can publish the final decision.

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