March 28, 2021
An outside observer, viewing a multitude of media reports  attacking President Moise’s governance, might  believe the so-called “OPPOSITION” actually represents some significant factor in Haitian society.
In reality, it represents a tiny percentage of the Haitian electorate and an   even tinier percentage of Haiti’s 13,000,000 people.
Jovenel Moise won his mandate with a first round 58% – TWO TIMES!!!
The largest association – THE GROUP OF NINE – created after thes 2016  elections – represents 17% of the total vote. Lavalas had the largest percentage,  of GROUP NINE, with 7%, while other leaders, like Edmonde Beauzile commanded staggering personal counts of 1,700 or less after spending millions on their electoral campaigns.
There must be a message here, if anyone is listening.
And the International Community expects President Moise to sit with a group made up of people, like Edmonde Beauzile, in the belief they represent the electorate.  Let’s is say we have a commission of 10 people like Beauzile – sitting as equals with President Moise. Their total would represent 17,000 Haitians vs. President Moise’s 58%
Not a reflection of accepted concepts of Democracy.
In fact, it would be a dictatorship by a “Minute Minority.”
The “Minute Minority” has spent fortunes, in embarrassingly unsuccessful efforts to generate massive demonstrations.
 2,000 people marching might look like a lot, on video. This number can be expanded, with the click on a keyboard, to 20,000 or more, depending upon the lack of conscience of the reporter.  The International Viewer will never know the difference.
But Haiti’s “Massive Majority” is  not interested in this game.
The vast majority simply want security, work, school for the kids, and food. Because of this, the   demonstration concept has failed, so the focus is now on specific acts of violence that freeze the society. 
Road blockages tie up traffic. 
Motorcycle gunmen terrorize the community, keeping people at home. 
A visit to the bank faces mortal danger. 
False fuel shortages create chaos.
Burning tires block access to the International Airport.
Dissention, within PNH ranks, sees law-and-order break down.
Each day sees more outrages as the International Community presses for elections.
How could anyone organize elections under the present – and ongoing conditions?
It mirrors someone trying to sell a condo in a building experiencing a ‘Three Alarm Fire.’
President Moise needs outsidehelp to control the situation.
Haiti needs outsidehelp to coordinate the situation.
Elections cannot be held in this environment.
Send in the Marines!
Even 30 Marines “to reinforce Palace security” would send a message. It would be a tangible message from the American team that it supports Democracy in Haiti and will stand behind a February, 2022 hand-over of power.
Unless there is a firm and serious show of support, the next 10 months will degenerate into a bloody chaos that benefits no one.

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