May  4, 2019

With all of the ongoing outrages involving the massive corruption in Ceant’s Primature, and Bodeau’s Chamber of Deputies, coupled with the scandals tying gang leaders to Senators and Deputies, President Jovenel Moise’s KARAVAN CHANJMAN moves implacably forward, unnoticed among the headlines of crime and corruption.

If President Moise accomplishes nothing else, his construction of major dams, with the benefits of hydroelectric power,  and water for irrigation, will rank at the top of presidential accomplishments, since the departure of Jean Claude Duvalier.

The International community recognizes the Jovenel Moise accomplishments  and also the unreasonable moves, to create chaos, by those who do not wan t Haiti to succeed.

The Ceant fiasco has been tremendously damaging to our stability and hopes for a constructive future. President Jovenel Moise was sidelined – to a degree – by foreign embassies who saw something in Ceant that wasn’t there.  These power centers must now move to stand behind the efforts of President Jovenel Moise as he does his best to better his people’s future lives.

His government might give some thought as to how the lives – today – of his 12,000,000 fellow Haitians, can be improved.

The people need help now – as they wait for the results of President Moise’s many project to come online.


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