Haitian Bar Associations Announce Boycott of Opening of Courts

Carlos Hercule accepts nomination as President of Haiti’s Federation of Bar Associations [file]

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – The Federation of Bar Associations of Haiti on Friday directed all lawyers and judges throughout the nation to boycott the reopening ceremony of judicial work on Monday.


The Federation of Bar Associations of Haiti, under item 4 of the Resolution of the Assembly of Bar Presidents adopted at the retreat at Ouanga bay on September 15 and 16, 2012, the recommendations to the Boards of various bars and lawyers of the Republic to not participate in the solemn resumption of hearings of the judicial scheduled on Monday October 1, 2012.

Dependence manifesto has shown that Magistrate Joseph Alexis Anel by designating arbitrarily and illegally three (3) members who are supposed to represent the CSPJ in the CEP [Permanent Electoral Council] is not only a violation of constitutional provisions guaranteeing the principle of separation of powers and a breach of the law creating the CSPJ but also an affront to all Lawyers grouped within the Federation of Bar Associations of Haiti.

Faced with this situation the Federation of Bar Associations of Haiti must refuse to condone the unacceptable and is therefore not obliged to participate in the official ceremony of reopening of judicial work organized under the chairmanship of Judge Joseph Alexis Anel.

The Federation of Bar Associations of Haiti, while reaffirming its determination to work for the protection of rights and freedoms, to protect the public and contribute to the effective independence of the judiciary, wishes a Happy New Year to Lawyers, Judges and judicial staff in the country!

Done in Port-au-Prince, September 28, 2012
For FBH:
Carlos Hercules, President

The FBH has called for the impeachment of Chief Justice Anel Alexis Joseph.


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