HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING FROM 20 MEN WHO DIED OF STARVATION IN PORT-AU-PRINCE’S OVERCROWDED PRISON?? : Explosive situation among the detainees of the Commissariat of Petit-Goâve- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti Libre:

Haiti - FLASH : Explosive situation among the detainees of the Commissariat of Petit-Goâve

This Friday morning, the situation of 224 prisoners incarcerated in extremely difficult conditions, in two cells of the Commissariat of Petit-Goâve (built to accommodate 60 prisoners), deteriorated further. Angry, they demand food “We are hungry, this morning we were given something of poor quality that we refused to eat,” said detainees at the microphone of Radio Préférence.

In an atmosphere of revolt, hungry prisoners are claiming for food, as the Commissariat does not seem to be able to feed them enough because of an insufficient food supply. The angry prisoners seem ready for anything and threaten “If we are not given food, we will set fire.”

The detainees in the cells, are very agitated and make a lot of noise while the police seem overwhelmed by events and talk about strengthening the surveillance and the number of police officers tonight…

Moreover, it should be noted that in these two cells whose overpopulation is inhuman, some prisoners are seriously ill and should be hospitalized while others carry contagious diseases including AIDS.

HL/ HaitiLibre / Guyto Mathieu (Correspondant Petit-Goâve)



No one seems to learn from past, or ongoing outrages!

Earlier this year we buried 20 young men who had starved to death in the Port-au-Prince jail!! Seems as though the Minister responsible for the system had stolen the dollars for food. He is facing some sort of legal action that will probably result in nothing.

He should be charged with 20 cases of murder or simply held on PREVENTATIVE DETENTION in  a cell full of Haitians being held under the same statute!!!

The legal system is totally ineffective in handling the case loads. One lady has been in PREVENTATIVE DETENTION for 3.5 years wihout a court appearance. She was charged with theft of a $20 cell phone!



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