Dominican Republic wants Haiti to give papers to its citizens-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Without papers, Haitian nationals can’t apply for residency.

Santo Domingo.- Two senior ministers announced separately in the National Palace Tuesday that in the bilateral meeting slated for the town of Juan Dolio tomorrow, the Dominican Commission will raise the problems Haitian immigrants face when looking for their documents to access Santo Domingo’s Regularization Plan.

Presidency administrative minister José Ramón Peralta said the issue will be placed on the table because “we’ve fulfilled our part and the Haitian nationals living in our country have complained that it’s not easy to obtain the documents that would allow them to apply for the Regularization Plan.”

He said Haiti and the international community have stated their intention to support the process, but “they must continue to work.”

Interior and Police minister José Ramón Fadul meanwhile, said although the Commission on Haiti will place the issue on the table, Dominican Republic cannot interfere in the neighboring nation’s internal affairs.


The Dominican Republic is pretending to cooperate but is really playing a different game.
They are playing the old “documentation game” in which people, born in the Dominican Republic, who do not have papers – must present papers. In other words, it is an impossible situation.

The Dominican Republic is very biased against Haiti/Haitians and will continue to deport those, born in the Dominican Republic, without papers.


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