1012 AM  August 9, 2015

We have just watched RTNH National Television as it showed the disastrous situation at major voting locations. The streets outside are knee deep with scattered votes. The interior has ballots thrown all over the place. Stacks of fresh ballots sitting there, unprotected.

This particular location was attacked by Chimere.

Who they belonged to was not said.

We suspect they acted for Martelly/Preval.

National TV then showed an interview with foreign observers in Hinche who said election  was a disaster there.

Smoke and mirrors will – yet again – play a part in cheating Haitians out of the promised free-and-fair-election – AGAIN!

So, here is a simple example of the numbers game created by Martelly and MINUSTAH.  12 voting locations hosting 175 units of 400 voters each unit.

Voting location  1           55 units 400 votes each

Voting location     2        70 units  400 votes each

Voting location     3        50 units    400 votes each

Voting location    4         1 unit 400 votes

Voting location     5         1 unit 400 votes

Voting location    6        1 unit 400 votes

Voting location    7        1 unit 400 votes

Voting location     8         1 unit 400 votes

Voting location     9        1 unit 400 votes

Voting location    10         1 unit 400 votes

Voting location     11        1 unit 400 votes

Voting location    12        1 unit 400 votes

As you can see this example has 12 voting centers with the top 3 hosting  175 units of 400 = 79,000 votes.

The other 9 hot 1 unit each of 400 votes – 3,600 votes.

Assume the first 3 are closed down by CEP –This leaves 9 out of 12 functioning.

And so, MINUSTAH, and Martelly can claim that 9 out of 12 voting locations functioned and the election is an overwhelming success.

The reality supports this as they actually have closed Lycee Petion and Lycee Toussaint, each hosting over 55 units of 400 votes. Several other major locations have been closed.

By issuing Mandate only to Preval/Martelly parties all other political parties barred from voting centers. The “counterfeit observers” will validate results.
Martelly and MINUSTAH chief Honore visit voting places.

They will state their satisfaction with a slightly flawed, but overall acceptable election.

Preval and Martelly will have won.

We will then have a Senate and Chamber of Deputies.

The Senate/Chamber will name a Prime Minister.

There will be no Presidential Election.

The International Community has ZERO respect for the rights of 10,000,000 Haitians. We are the dumping ground for their poisonous concepts.

Martelly has ZERO respect for the Nation, or its people.

11:00 AM and Martelly Chimere touring the streets, firing their weapons into the air without PNH or MINUSTAH intervention.

Haitians must react now, otherwise you are screwed again!!!!


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  1. Petit Goave in trouble. Much violence. Voting interrupted

  2. Tous les transports public et privé bloqué à Port-au-Prince. Impossible de voter. l’emplacement est de 13 kilomètres. Martelly remporte.

  3. I am troubled by today’s events.
    So much depended upon a good accurate election.
    Instead we have experienced another wasteful manipulation.
    Democracy is effectively dead.
    Let computers handle entire election next time.
    Dangerous and wasteful of time the ways today finalized.

  4. I just tried to vote at my location in Petion-Vill and was told I am registered on Delmas.

    Walked 8 kilometers to vote in PV.

    Will not walk to Delmas.

    The may send me to Croix des Bouquets.

  5. Ballots for Hinche sent to Mirebalais
    Ballots for Mirebalais sent to Hinche.

    Jeremie ( 11 communes) cancelled

    Kenscoff cancelled.

    Cite Soleir Cancelled.

    Grande Goave cancelled.

    Arcahaie cancelled.

    many more in process of being cancelled.

    OAS press conference scheduled for 11 AM cancelled.

    Will be problematic for Martelly and International Community to salvage, but they have ingenuity on their saide/

  6. Martelly est terminé. Nous exigeons vraiment un gouvernement dirigé par Laurent Lamothe. Il est le seul 85% des gens désirent. Peut-être à 100%.

  7. I have a source close to Martelly’s team that suggests Justice Minister has ordered PNH arrest of several CEP members, with an Interdiction Order against all CEP members, so crime can be investigated, and prosecuted.

  8. We have an opportunity to register a win for Haiti.

    The people wanted Laurent Lamothe and Martelly blocked this.

    new game.

    New rules.

    We must press while the moment exists, otherwise it will pass and we will have gained nothing.

    Without the Lamothe solution, I am not optimistic.

  9. With an accelerating disaster, the CEP’s Opont has issued a statement, to the effect, that the elections are a success.

    Are we going to be victims – again – of Reality and Perceived Reality where Reality sees the election as a failure, while Perceived Reality sees another Haitian miracle election?

    Opont and Martelly will win if someone doesn’t stand up to lead the opposition against this crime.

    All individuals, and parties should unite in a common cause.

    Justice for the Nation, and its citizens.

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