January 23, 2014

Slightly over one year ago President Michel Martelly sealed his doom, effectively guaranteeing what transpired yesterday.

It wasn’t as though he put a pistol in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Instead, he took a slow-acting poison timed to kill immediately before the constitutionally mandated election on January 24, 2016, followed by his February 7th departure..

Under pressure, from his opposition, President Martelly betrayed the Nation, and his best friend. Under pressure of the opposition, actually representing a small minority of Haiti’s 10,000,000 people, Martelly forced the resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, the best, and most effective, PM Haiti has had.

By refusing Lamothe his “discharge” blocking his candidacy for the Presidency, Martelly guaranteed his own failure. A Lamothe Presidency might have sheltered him from the storm that will now strike Martelly’s camp.

Next to  Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe was the most popular person in the Nation.   Perhaps Martelly – the entertainer – didn’t want to be “upstaged” by his friend. Didn’t wish to “share the stage.” From day one, of   Lamothe’s term as PM, Martelly’s inner circle, led by Sophia, did what they could to rid the government of this irritant

This ignored the fact Lamothe was the cornerstone of any success the Martelly team experienced.

And to add insult to injury, Martelly picked Evans Paul to replace Lamothe.

Evans Paul gave us Aristide.

Evans Paul, with Marie Laurence Lassague, was responsible for the massacre of some 247 supporters of Dr. Roger Lafontant, during January 1991.  Evans Paul was chosen, by Martelly,  because of his “control of the streets” an ability that is now being focused upon President Martelly, with a vengeance.

After Lamothe’s departure the Martelly Mafia concentrated on bleeding our treasury as quickly as possible. There is a suggestion that,  with Prime Minister Evans Paul’s coordination, from October 2015, all ministries skimmed 20% to “pay for the election” then didn’t pay for anything.  A forensic audit would prove interesting.

Evans Paul stole millions during his months as Prime Minister!

Under Lamothe, inflation was about 1% per year. Evans Paul has seen 25% in his short term criminal partnership with the recently replaced Bank Governor.  People will starve because of this greed.

From day one, Evans Paul has set his sights on Martelly’s chair.


He plans to be President.

Marie Luce Bonhomme had promised to remain off the air until her husband, CEP chief Opont, was finished. As part of a complex complot, to place Evans Paul onto the President’s chair, if only on an Interim Basis, she magically appeared on Vision 2000 to interview Evans Paul in what sounded like a paid political campaign program.

At that moment, behind the scenes, Martelly was involved in some convoluted machinations to see his Presidency extended until May 14. This had always been his stated plan, amongst the inner circle, but now he tried to put it into action with the help of those he controlled in the Senate, and Chamber of Deputies.


The CORE Group  reined him it.

Among their threats, in addition to potential arrests and prosecution of Sophia, Kiko, and others, the CORE Group promised an immediate embargo.

The American State Department added its voice to the choir.

Elections January 24 or immediate and effective action on the part of the International Community.

As the pressure was being applied to Martially,  Haitians watched the circus.

Rosny Desroches was a member of the commission to investigate electoral fraud. Immediately following the investigation,  Desroches issued a statement, to the effect that they had discovered many errors, due to ineptitude, but no real cases of fraud. In other words, the Haitian staffers were not capable of complex tasks. No surprise here, but not real fraud.

That should have settled things.

Unfortunately – for some as yet undetermined motivation – probably lots of $100 American bills – Desroches effectively doomed the entire election, and the Nation’s stability, by giving an interview that damned the vote to date. This puppet claimed that the entire process was fraudulent!


We were spectators to the ongoing Jude Celestin outrage, as he played the martyr, refusing to participate, unless all sorts of corrections were made to the electoral process.

In fact, Jude Celestin never planned to go to the final ballot box, realizing he would be drowned in Jovenel Moise ballots. He did not want to face the humiliation of a defeat and simply wanted to block the possible candidacy of Moise Jean-Charles and Maryse Narcisse, both surrogates of Aristide and funded by the Dominicans.

No one in the International Community commented upon the fact that Jude Celestin was a drug dealer, theif of government funds and material – on a massive level – and contract killer, responsible for the murders of a CNE chief and French Consul.  They ignored the fact Moise Jean-Charles was a murderer.

Finally America’s State Department issued a statement to the effect that enough concessions had been made for Celestin. The vote must proceed.

An angry President Martelly appeared on National Television Friday at 7 P.M. telling the Nation elections would be held on Sunday, the 24th, and he would depart on February 7.

Martelly neglected one basic action that would have avoided yesterday’s melt-down. Before making his Speech to the Nation, Martelly should have activated MINUSTAH, UNIPOL, and the PNH, blanketing the country with security personnel. MINUSTAH’s  armored personnel carriers, tanks, and armed troops, would have frozen the demonstrations, before the had a change to germinate.


Then, speaking from strength, as President,  Martelly could have informed the Nation of his determination to hold elections January 24. He could tell the Nation  he would not tolerate any further street demonstrations that threatened the Nation’s stability, or the electoral process.

This was a no brainer since the opposition had promised problems of January 22, 23, 24, 25, 26…..

But Martelly, the entertainer, suffers from a fatal disease THE ARROGANCE OF POWER

Martelly is faced by an   opposition – representing – in reality – nothing – and led by people with MANY SKELETONS IN THEIR OWN PERSONAL CLOSETS!!


Where do we go from here?

Martelly is still President, and must not forget this. He must also remember, under Article 136 of our Constitution, he has certain responsibilities. His first duty is

ARTICLE 136: The President of the Republic, who is the Head of State, shall see to the respect for and enforcement of the Constitution and the stability of the institutions. He shall ensure the regular operations of the public authorities and the continuity of the State.


Martelly is still President of Haiti.

Under Article 136 he can maintain our stability.

Martelly can dissolve the existing CEP and create another.

He can set elections for May and organize proper, well supervised, free-and-fair elections, with massive microscopic certainty that there is little fraud and mor efficiency.

He must see that all possible candidates receive their discharges from the Court of Superior Accounts.


Elections will be held and a new President selected to carry us on into a prosperous, optimistic future.

To do otherwise simply surrenders to the demands, and violent pressures of the Dominican funded, Aristide/Preval coordinated chaos and turmoil we have experienced yesterday.

People fail to accept the fact our neighbor, the Dominican Republic, is financing the problems in Haiti for their own selfish motives.

Many people will die.

Our economy will suffer further irreparable damage.

Our international image will be depleted further, if this is possible.

Michel Martelly can still remain the bridge to an improving future or he can become the slide back to a murderous, chaotic past created by Jean Bertrand-Aristide and Rene Preval.

Like vultures, these demons are circling Haiti’s near dead carcass.

The lunatic Newton St. Juste is launching massive legal attacks against the injured Martelly team.

Unless Martelly takes control of his situation disaster will follow disaster.

The Haitian people deserve more.



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  1. 3:00 pm

    Situation de tension à Lalue

    Pneus enflammés, de grosses pierres et d’autres résidus sont dressés actuellement, (3:00 pm) sur la route de Lalue, a appris Vant Bèf Info.

    Les partisans de l’opposition politique manifestent à nouveau dans les rues de la Capitale contre le pouvoir en place.

    Sortis de la Saline en passant par Delmas, pour ensuite se diriger vers Bourdon par la route de delmas 32, les manifestants ont erigé des barricades sur tout leur parcours et bloqué la circulation des véhicules. Des casses ont aussi été enregistrées.

    Ils se dirigent pour le moment vers le Champs de Mars où ils devraient mettre un terme à leur mouvement.

    Ils promettent de regagner les rues demain dimanche en vue, disent-ils, “d’aller voter”.

    La prudence est de rigueur si vous devriez fréquenter le centre ville de Port-au-Prince.

  2. Flash : Manifestations en faveur de Jovenel Moise

    Tôt dans la matinée depuis 7 H Am , des dizaines de milliers de personnes ont gagné les rues dans les villes de
    Port de Paix,
    Cap Haïtien,
    Grand Goave,
    Charbonnières (Sud),
    Roche à Bateau,
    Port à Piment
    Port Salut,
    Île à Vache,
    Île de la Tortue,
    Petite Rivière de Nippes pour manifester en faveur du candidat Jovenel Moise .
    Les manifestants en transe entremêlent leurs chants de cri
    Vive Jovenel, Vive Haiti ,
    Au moment actuel la foule continue à s’amplifier énormément en sortant les slogans ” Vive Jovenel , Vive Haiti ”
    ” Ban’m bannann , se bannan’n nou te vote”.
    La circulation est quasiment bloquée dans les deux sens dans ces villes à cause de la foule immense .
    Plusieurs milliers de ces manifestants pro Jovenel habillés en vêtements de couleur rose et rouge ont les mains levées en l’air avec des feuilles de bannaniers.

  3. La Radio Caraïbes annonce à tous ses fidèles auditeurs et auditrices que l’Emission Ramasse de ce Samedi 23 Janvier 2016 est reportée pour le Samedi 30 Janvier 2016 à cause de la manifestation des membres de l’opposition prévue pour aujourd’hui .

    Radyo Caraïbes ap anonse tout odite li yo ke emisyon Ramase jounen jodi Samdi 23 Janvye 2016 la ranvwaye pou Samdi 30 Janvye 2016 a koz de manifestasyon mamb opzisyon yo kap fet jounen jodya.

    Jean Monard Metellus

  4. n a statement, Sandra Honoré, the Special Representative of the Secretary General in Haiti and other members of the international community in Haiti represented in the “Core Group” (the Ambassadors of Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, the United States of America, the European Union and the Special Representative of the Organization of American States), “reiterate their continued support for the conclusion of an inclusive and equitable electoral process while supporting efforts aimed at finding a way forward that ensures the democratic renewal of State institutions.

    The ‘Core Group’ continues to extend its full support for efforts to find consensual and constructive solutions to Haiti’s ongoing governance challenges, through elections and through dialogue among interested parties.

    The members of the ‘Core Group’ deplore the recent acts of electoral violence and calls on the national authorities, political parties, candidates and supporters, and the electorate in general to participate in the electoral process with responsibility and restraint, so that the people of Haiti can express their will in a climate free of intimidation and violence.”

  5. UN’s Ban concern over postponed Haiti poll
    2 hours ago


    Children walk past election poster of presidential candidate Jovenel Moise of PHTK political party in Port-au-Prince on January 21, 2016

    View photo
    Children walk past election poster of presidential candidate Jovenel Moise of PHTK political party in Port-au-Prince on January 21, 2016 (AFP Photo/Hector Retamal)
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    Haiti plunges on with poll despite opposition boycott AFP

    United Nations (United States) (AFP) – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon voiced concern Saturday and called for Haiti’s presidential runoff election to be held “without delay” after it was postponed with no new date set.

    It comes a day after the poll — which had been scheduled for Sunday — was indefinitely put back, the chairman of Haiti’s Electoral Council (CEP) said, citing “obvious security concerns.”

    CEP chairman Pierre-Louis Opont complained that election officials had been attacked and several polling stations razed.

    Opposition activists have consistently accused outgoing President Michel Martelly of rigging the vote in favor of his hand-picked successor Jovenel Moise, and their champion Jude Celestin is boycotting the poll.

    Ban “strongly urges all stakeholders to work towards the peaceful completion of the electoral process without delay,” said a statement from his spokesman.

    Such completion would come “through the forging of a consensual solution that will allow the people of Haiti to exercise their right to vote for the election of a new president and the remaining representatives of the new parliament,” he said.

    “The secretary-general urges all political actors to reject all forms of violence and intimidation and refrain from any action that can further disrupt the democratic process and stability in the country.”

  6. This is an excellent analysis! Is there anyway you can post it directly on Martelly’s page??? He really needs to get this message ASAP. He has been ill advised by self -serving miscreants and he naively thinks Evans Paul is a friend!!

  7. I happen to like Michel Martelly and believe his Presidency is more positive than negative. From time-to-time I have shot at his team, but never stopped liking him personally.

    I would really like to see him salvage the situation, and believe he could.

    You might copy the address and post it on his page. Perhaps someone will see it.



  8. execute martelly for crimes against the state and the people of Haiti

  9. Why Martelly.
    What about Aristide, Preval, Evans Paul and Jude Celestin?
    Martelly hasn’t killed anyone.
    The rest have accomplished this.
    Crimes against the people.

  10. Martelly has done all he can in order to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis.He did compromise and offered many invitations to candidate of the opposition for dialogue, but the candidate never wants to meet with him and the CEP. However, the opposition was not doing anything else but trying to abort the presidential election in order to move to a government of transition. Th Core Group better know exactly what they’re doing because a government of transition may trigger a civil war in Haiti and the whole world will blame this failure on no one else but the Core Group.
    The Core Group should know that we (the people from the diaspora) know very well that the only way some one should get to the presidential chair is by election. Therefore, the elections in Haiti must be continued to ensure a peaceful future for the Haitian Citizens

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