March 28, 2021
The plot was not a secret.
American teams were listening in to radio telephones, used by the Aristide hit team, on the day of the attack.
Before this, the American ambassador was aware of the plot and ignored requests that he take action. William Leslie Swing was really a piece of garbage.
One of Aristide’s cabinet ministers was aware of the plots. He was a close friend of Mireille’s and only called her to suggest “she be careful.”
And so, one of Haiti’s political leaders was machine-gunned on a Haitian street, as she drove a client  to airport, where he was to reclaim possession of his aircraft from the American occupation force.
Rene Preval was so closely tied to the murder that he was barred from attending anything involved with Bill Clinton’s visit on March 31, 1995. It was the American general, commanding the occupation force, who insisted on this.
Aristide played “mind games” with the Americans, inviting the F.B.I. to Haiti as investigators, into the crime. They left, in disgust, when that paragon of integrity – Ira Kurzban – blocked access to the suspects.
Unwilling to play Aristide’s game, the F.B.I. team went home, convinced that both Aristide and Preval were the intellectual authors of the crime.
Bill Clinton continued to protect his buddies, who enabled him to pockets several hundred million from the reconstruction money committed to salvaging Haiti, after the 2010 quake.
Preval gave him a large piece of land between Port-au-Prince and St. Marc.
What are friends for???

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