Uruguay Reinforces Bilateral Ties With Haiti

Port au Prince, Haiti. Photo by Ketounette

This past Monday, Uruguay’s Foreign Minister, Luis Almagro, handed to the Haitian Delegation in the United Nations the amount of $3,477,770 million, which represents the solidarity of each Uruguayan with the Haitian people.

Foreign Minister Almagro visited New York to participate in a series of activities related to the question of the Falkland Islands, and in this occasion held a meeting with the Representative of Haiti to the United Nations, Fritzner Gaspard.

Ambassador Gaspard and Foreign Minister Almagro discussed over the current situation in Haiti, the efforts of rebuilding the country, the role of MINUSTAH and the significant challenges that lie ahead for Haiti to consolidate its path to stability, economic development and social justice and reform.

Gaspard expressed his utmost appreciation for the solidarity of the government and people of Uruguay towards Haiti, which comes at a crucial time of the recovery process of the country, as the international cooperation in Haiti has experienced a substantial decrease.

Uruguayan assistance is taking place four months after the Haitian government begun to rekindle its strategy of international cooperation in harmony with Port au Prince’s vital interests. Haiti’s new strategy has a better alignment with its great need on humanitarian, educational and social development projects.

In this opportunity, the Haitian representative expressed his country’s appreciation for the government of Uruguay which is participating, since its inception, in the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

Minister Almagro, on the same subject, highlighted the excellent and intense bilateral relationship between Uruguay and Haiti, stating that “without a doubt these relations will increase especially now, when Ambassador Raul Pollak has presented his official credentials in Port au Prince,” in addition to Uruguay’s role as the coordinator of the New York –Haiti Friendship group.

The Foreign Minister was also interested in the progress of the electoral process in Haiti — partial legislative elections, municipal and local — that are of great importance for the consolidation of democratic institutions in the country.

The Uruguayan chief diplomat was also very interested on the legislative and local government electoral process in Haiti, which is of imperative importance in order to secure independent and democratic elections in Haiti, which by some reports is considered to be the poorest nation of the hemisphere.


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  1. But what about Johny Jean.

    Why doesn’t the government take the opportunity to challenge Uruguay on their abuse of Johny Jean, the insult to the Haitian Nation, and the broken promises of Uruguay’s president???

    The Uruguayan detachment should have been thrown out of Haiti, after its members raped Johny Jean. The fact that they are also involved with the cocaine traffic should not be forgotten.

    Time for us to stop kissing people’s behinds and demand respect.

    Francois Duvalier must be turning in his grave!!

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