The Haitian Government is accountable to Canada-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti - Reconstruction : The Haitian Government is accountable to Canada

Julian Fantino, Minister of International Cooperation, is in Haiti until 28 November, to gain a better understanding of how Canada’s contributions to Haiti are making a difference in the lives of the Haitian people.

“Canada has played a key role in international efforts to support the people of Haiti to overcome the immense challenges they have faced such as the 2010 earthquake and more recently the passage of Sandy […] The Government of Canada and Canadians expect transparency and accountability from the Government of Haiti given Canadians significant level of generosity. I will be expressing this expectation in my meetings with senior officials,” declared Minister Fantino.

While in Haiti, Minister Fantino will meet with President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Richard Casimir. He will also visit development projects supported by Canada in Léogâne and Port-au-Prince, and will meet with representatives of Canadian companies in Haiti and other stakeholders.

“I will be discussing with Haitian leaders how they can work towards achieving concrete reforms, so that the public interest is upheld, the rule of law prevails, human rights are protected and the economy is strengthened through local job creation and trade and investment,” added the Minister Fantino.

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Haitian Government is ACCOUNTABLE to Canada!!!

What a poor choice of words, unless there is a hidden message in its choice.

I should think that Transparency would be sufficient.

The use of Transparence sends the message in strong enough terms. Accountability is somewhat dictatorial and smacks of America’s Internal Revenue Service. Moral suasion is always much better that a machine gun or baseball bat.

Martelly is supposed to be accountable to the Haitian people – but isn’t.

The International Community – including Canada – must keep the doors open and not alienate the Haitian people through the use of a vocabulary that is open to use by opponents in the area.

Canada is, and always has been a major factor in Haiti’s survival.

The Martelly government recently asked for assistance from France and the United States, with no mention of Canada. Perhaps there is a message here.


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