The construction of major roads financed by the European Union

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Haiti - Politic : The construction of major roads financed by the European Union

Friday a high-level delegation led by President Jovenel Moïse and the Ambassador of the European Union (EU) Vincent Degert, composed of Fritz Caillot, the Minister of Public Works, Charles Jean-Jacques the National Authorizing Officer of the European Fund of Development (EDF), of Anna Lipchitz the Director of the French Development Agency (AFD) as well as several experts and representatives of companies contracted (consortia between European and Haitian companies), visited several important road infrastructure projects funded by the European Union to take stock of the state of progress of the work.

Several sections of roads were visited, including the Mirbalais-Lascahobas -Belladère axis, the Péligre site between Mirebalais and Hinche, and the Hinche-St Raphaël section.

It should be remembered that in terms of road infrastructure, the European Union’s intervention has two main components: road rehabilitation and institutional support aimed at making the investments made permanent. For roads, European support is concentrated on the main network, ie national roads, but also on links with the Dominican Republic. Thus, the national road 3 that goes from Port-au-Prince to Cap Haitien should be finalized in 2020. The EU also subsidizes road maintenance via an emergency fund (Road Maintenance Fund).

Regarding the rehabilitation of the section between Hinche and St Raphaël of the RN3, 74 million euros have been invested. With regard to work in progress on the RN3 on this section, the construction of 5 bridges for 6.1 million euros started in December 2016 and in the process of completion and the rehabilitation of the road for an amount of 45 million euros whose work started in August 2017 will last 24 months. Moreover, last month, the construction of the Hinche Bypass was confirmed for an additional amount of 12.7 million euros and an additional period of 7 months.

On the Mirebalais – Hinche section, near Péligre Lake, the road is threatened with rupture due to a widespread landslide on the area. A works contract to carry out the design studies and the repair of the road was signed in 2017 for an amount of 7 million euros. This market is waiting for the contracting of a supervision mission for which a consultation has been launched and which is under way to be able to start.

At the end of this tour, the Ambassador of the European Union to Haiti said “[…] Soon we will have the pleasure to officially inaugurate several works already completed or in the finalization phase […] ”

Regarding the work carried out, remember that the section Port au Prince / Mirebalais for an amount of € 40 million was completed in 2011. The € 52 million Mirebalais – Hinche section started in 2008 was also completed in 2011. The St Raphaël – Barrière Battan section was also the subject in 2015/2016 of landscaping, earthworks by the CNE for 4 million euros.

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