Project turns insect-killed trees into Haiti homes

Posted: Oct 13, 2012 6:43 PM by Brin Merkley – KPAX News
Updated: Oct 13, 2012 6:52 PM

MISSOULA – A prototype home was constructed to be shipped to Haiti this morning, as part of the first annual Wood for Haiti project.

Dozens of volunteers offered their time Saturday at Southgate Mall to help the Wood for Haiti project, a collaboration of Montana organizations interested in creating fully functional and self-sustaining Haitian communities.

Wood for Haiti says they intend to use mountain pine beetle-affected wood to build 180,000 new homes. Thousands of Montana trees have been killed by pine beetles, which bring a fungus that tints the lumber blue.

Haiti orphanage director Perre Alexis says the project isn’t only about houses, but helping Haitians take care of themselves.

“That makes me so happy, so hopeful for Haitian people … Because I think as a nation, we deserve a better life.”

Wood For Haiti is a non-partisan project endorsed by Sens. Max Baucus and Jon Tester, Rep. Denny Rehberg and Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

Wood for Haiti organizers say the project is a win-win as it benefits the health of Montana forests, Montana job creation and Haiti.

If you’d like to help build the house, the event runs on Sunday at the Dillard’s parking lot.


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  1. WFH is very pleased to have built its prototype home in Montana. Our next step is to obtain the money to ship the home in sections to be reconstructed in Titayen by Haitian workers under the supervision of WFH’s expert carpenters. The building will serve as WFH’s temporary field office. The next step will be to secure funding from international investors to support the building of a 30 home community in Titayen. Please offer your support by visiting our website:

    Dr. Gary Funk, Preaident, WFH

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