Parliamentarians from more than 106 countries gather in Port-au-Prince

Haiti - Politic : Parliamentarians from more than 106 countries gather in Port-au-Prince

The 48th ACP Parliamentary Assembly, bringing together representatives of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States and of the 34th Session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, will continue until 20 December at the Karibe Convention Center where parliamentarians from more than 106 countries have gathered since Thursday to discuss many political, geopolitical and environmental issues.

These meetings, largely supported by the Executive, take place under the leadership of the Haitian Parliament. Numerous Commission meetings (Political Affairs, Economic Development, Finance and Trade, Social Affairs and the Environment, conciliation on proposals for emergency resolutions) are held through discussions on the social and environmental consequences of urbanization, industrial and household waste management, the elimination of child labor and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The women’s forum was the focus of the 34th session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly on women’s strategies faced the climate change,

“Climate change is a global phenomenon that does not affect all populations with the same intensity: the most vulnerable people, especially women, suffer the most from its impacts”; “Climate change is now seen as the main threat to sustainable human development”; “Climate change disproportionately affects the poorest and most vulnerable populations”; “Rural women are among the most exposed to climate risks” these are some of the points raised during the session, where was announced including the implementation of educational actions to guide girls and women in “Science, Technology , Engineering and Mathematics” (STEM) and help in the fight against climate change.

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