April 23, 2012

Even as the PNH moved to tie up the Port-au-Prince area, Haitians were treated to the spectacle of Martelly’s son, Olivier, roaring around town in the presidential limousine, escorted by a crowd of heavily armed  palace security. He would stop, here and there, to meet with friends. At each stop the heavily armed escort would take up positions.

The situation becomes more farcical with each passing day.

Martelly’s other son was given $1,000,000 to set up an office, even though he has absolutely no official position in government.

And Sophie, Martelly’s wife effectively controls all dossiers with regard to the Haitian revival/reconstruction projects. She claims that she is the real person in control of the country. She has already stolen a king’s ransom and wants more.

We could have saved the $29,000,000 spent on our elections by just turning things over to Sophie and her team – which may not include Michel.

Disaster is lurking in the wings.

Everyone bet that Martelly would finish his 5 year term. Now the bets are off. 5 months might seem outside the gambler’s reach.

He might be reneging on the promise to revive the FAdH as he plans to count on MINUSTAH to keep him in power, even if the people finally decide his effort is a charade.

Some are expecting 3,000 Bolivian troops this week, to deal with insecurity. That means these foreigners will be placed against the FAdH hopefuls, and the PNH people who are tired of government official stealing money dedicated to their well-being. The PNH is/are also sick and tired of their Chief, Mario Andresol, traveling around with an escort more suited to a king. He can be seen with 50 motorcycle escorts and vehicles filled with heavily armed police officers.

Melt-down ahead.

Keep your heads down.


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