Mission of Hope, Grand Goave

School Happenings by Renee Edme

March 24, 2013:  Next week will be vacation for all but twenty of our students. Those twenty, ages seven to seventeen, will spend four days in a training seminar with One Laptop Per Child, learning how to use the new XO laptops.  I spent some time with the training team today and I’m confident the kids are going to have a blast!  We’re excited to have children from the Hands and Feet Project and Be Like Brit represented in the mix. Our hope is to find leaders among these children who will in turn help to teach others how to navigate this new tool.

The team from One Laptop Per Child arrived today.  We looked at the room that will be the library/computer lab and I got excited.  Once Lex is back, (Renee’s husband) we’ll sit down and talk about the electrical installation in that room and furniture that will make the best use of the room and computer storage.


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