October 1, 2017

Today marks the real effort to remove Jovenel’s Team from the Palace. A well financed, well organized attack by a tiny, tiny, tiny paid grop of agitators will work to reverse the Jovenel Moise landlide victories (2) that pt him and his team in the Palace.

How did we arrive at this point?

At 2:27 P.M. September 24, 2017 Aristide/Lavalas Senator Don Kato crossed the frontier on his way to a meeting in Santo Domingo. Other people involved were Rene Civile, Moise Jean Charles, Assad Volcy, someone from the Potentates of Power, a couple of other elected representatives and members of the Haitian business community. Their destination was Room 221 of the Sheraton Hotel where they say down with representatives of the Dominican government and Dominican commercial sector.

Most of the people are readily found under the Lavalas/Aristide banner with a Google Search.

Senator Don Kato sees himself as President so we understand his game.

Screenshot of video-

The meeting was not to generate better relations, between or two nations.

Instead, it  planning of a series of events that will lead to the blocking of or Frontier in an effort to topple the Jovenel Moise Presidency.When one learns of the meetings purpose, Senator Don Kato’s active participation cold be defined as TREASON!  What is a little treason in a nation that accepts murder, kidnapping, massive theft of State funds as an everyday event?

The 3 POTENTATES OF POWER  were represented  in order to generate a situation in which their monopoly of power generation is guaranteed.

The Haitian business community was there to protect their own interests against  the Nation, and other competitors.

Moise Jean Charles is just a rabble-rousing whore who will shriek inanities for anyone who pays, even though – sequentially – their viewpoints and goals are diametrically opposed.

Rene Civile -unsuccessful car thief – and Lavalas political agitator, is in Moise Jean Charles moral category:  Assad Volcy is simply a street dog.

The Dominican side simply retains a long-time hatred for things Haitian, since Haiti controlled their territory during the Boyer Presidency in the eighteen hundreds. They are said to have tossed a down payment of $10,000,000 SD on the table.  If it was $100 American bills that equals 280 pounds of cash!

Jovenel Moise is trying to solve and correct many or the economic problems that have been left unattended for generations. Many humiliations have been accepted with bent knee such as the 1937 massacre of over 30,000 Haitians by Trujillo.  And now the Draconian deportation of some 250,000 Haitians and Dominican borne Haitians.

At the moment, Jovenel’s Presidency threatens the Dominican/EEC investment in Dominican agriculture that services Europe’s vast and expanding demand.  The EEC has invested billions in Dominican agriculture and will do anything to block Jovenel’s plans for Haiti.

Haiti cold have had EEC investment. Sadly, Aristide and Preval were not interested in long-term anything! Anything defying instant theft was of no interest.

A determined Jovenel is also a threat to Haiti’s existing monopoly infrastructure.

Prior to 1986 Haiti was an exporter of food.  Now we import over $500,000,000 in rice alone!  Like the POTENTATES OF POWER the RICE MONOPOLY  resists any effort to ease the Haitians’ life. Laurent Lamothe negotiated rice supplies, at 67 percent  of what the market now faces. The  RICE MONOPOLY refused to accept it for onward sale into Haiti’s economy.

Jovenel is an irritant to many.

For a simple return to the criminal Stats Quo of a few months ago only one action is required: The removal of Jovenel Moise from the Palace.

Billions of dollars are at stake.

The Nation’s survival is on the table.

Fortunes are to be made, retained, or lost!

Today, Monday October 1, 2017 is the first day of a new combat.

The enemy has drafted sane, reasonable reasons for their action against Jovenel Moise and, I say Jovenel Moise because he is a General without an Army. (And I don’t mean the FAdH). He is surrounded by people who don’t understand, or simply ignore the realities of today, and sit like a bunch of rabbits frozen in a spotlight.

If Jovenel goes down, they will simply move on to the next game and look for more handouts.


Make the first moves and control the game.

Look to your inner circle and reorganize.

We need a new Cabinet, with Secretary Generals and Director Generals chosen for their loyalty to Jovenel Moise and Haiti, not a bunch of criminal Senators/Deputies.

Many of those involved have their own agendas and they do not parallel yours or the Nation’s.

Don’t lose sight of your original promises or goals.

These goals are still valid.

Your real, ignored majority is still with you.


They are listening.

Today…. and the future need you.


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