Laurent Lamothe back from Davos with projects

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Haiti - Politic : Laurent Lamothe back from Davos with projects

Wednesday, the Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe visibly satisfied of his mission, returned to the country after participated to he 43rd World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland), which brought together nearly 2,500 participants, 50 Heads of State and leaders of nearly 200 companies, among the largest in the world.

During his stay in Davos, the Prime Minister has never ceased to promote the opportunities in Haiti, pressing with his slogan “Haiti is open for business”, the “grands argentiers” of this world to invest in Haiti rather than continue with their humanitarian aid, emphasis on the security aspect of the country, figures in hand, saying on the tribunes of the Summit of Davos, that Haiti was a country safer than many other countries in the region, where businessmen do not hesitate to invest.

In Davos the Prime Minister has obtained among other :

  • The promise of an investment of approximately U.S. $ 45 million for the construction of another Marriott hotel with a capacity of 175 rooms after that of Port-au-Prince, in the Upper Turgeau whose opening is scheduled for mid-2014.
  • During a meeting with the CEO of Coca-Cola, Mr. Lamothe discussed to strengthen the program implemented by the government, in partnership with Coca-Cola and the IDB, with mango farmers in Haiti. This new project will support the creation of 25,000 additional jobs.
  • Moreover, Coca-Cola is committed to make available to Haiti 1.000 water purification machines with a capacity of 36,000 liters/day from 2014.
  • Muhammad Yunus, Double Nobel Prize, Peace and Economics intends to achieve a large reforestation project and asked the Haitian Government to make available 1.500 carreaux of land, request accepted by the Prime Minister, who promised to identify those areas in most deforested areas.

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  1. ki rapo sa ginyin avek davos?..davos pa kon fe kado proje non..nou pa we se sou blof ke yo ye…tourism, trips, expenses on the back of poor ayitians.

    1. If I am not mistaken, Lamothe’s trip to Davos was in the interest of bringing large amounts of work potential to Haiti. It is Prime Minister’s job to do these things. He is doing a fine job of it as well, especially if compared to that bloodclot Max Bellerieve. All he did was steal, deal in cocaine, and have sex with little boys while hiding out in Dominican Republic.

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