Journalist bus attacked on Haiti campaign trail

The Associated Press
Tuesday, October 26, 2010; 1:11 PM

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Gunmen shot up and robbed a bus carrying journalists covering the campaign of Jacques Alexis, a ┬ápresidential candidate with 2% popularity in a recent poll, killing the driver and injuring a reporter, police said Tuesday.

The bandits attacked Monday night on the road between Gonaives and Cap-Haitien, police spokesman Frantz Lerebours said.

The bus was carrying seven Haitian journalists to a campaign stop by candidate Jacques Edouard Alexis, an ousted former vice president who is considered a front-runner in the Nov. 28 election.

Haitian National Television reporter Richardson Jordan told The Associated Press that the driver, an off-duty police officer with the prisons department, tried to rush past men armed with pistols, machetes and a homemade gun.

Jordan said the men opened fire and killed the driver with a shot to the head. The bus flipped, injuring one of the journalists, and the bandits rushed in to take money and a laptop computer.

Lerebours said police tracked down the suspects on Monday night, killing one in a firefight and arresting three. They were taken to a police station in Gonaives.


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2 thoughts on “Journalist bus attacked on Haiti campaign trail

  1. I have a soon to be ex son in law that wants to take my 3 year old gran daughter to Haiti against the will of her mother (and the rest of our family and friends).

    From what I understand the child advocate has no problem with this man taking a small child to this dangerous area??? This “child advocate” is a person that is charged with the well being of how many other children?

    I can’t get my mind around this at all…

    1. Bringing a small child to Haiti is perfectly fine- Springfield Mi. where you are may be perfectly safe, but the chances of death by car accident is higher there where you live than any harm falling on the child here in Haiti. There are roughly 8 million Haitians in Haiti, and only a few thousand rural dwellers that get their drinking water directly from the river were affected by Cholera, and then the subsequent infections of those around them.

      Rest assured that your Granddaughter is as safe there as they would be if your family members went to any American city

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