3 thoughts on “Jean Bertrand Aristide’s Speech on arrival to Port-au-Prince

  1. I prefer Jean-Claude Duvalier arrival, spontaneous not prepared, a better speech and no national or international government involved.

    1. Duvalier also had the courage and integrity to come back to Haiti with an expired passport, yet aristide needs to insist on the Diplomatic Immunity from his special passport to come back to Haiti, with his Hollywood groupies. Pathetic.

  2. I strongly recommand that everyone read and reread Aritide’s arrival speech. Aristide does not changed at all. He returns with the same potential to push the mubs against everybody.With a malicious way to communicate with his gangs, to kill, to kidnap, to do violence, he reuses the same technic he used to push the gangs in the years 1985- 10 2011 to kill, to kidnap, to develop Operation Bagdad, to remember people that he has benn kinapped by USA and France to bring him to Central Africa and this is Bekki, the former South African president, who he said saves him by sending his private jet to take him to Jamica.

    Aristide has never changed.He is a devil guy.He explained that the International community is stealling the Haitian mineral resources and maintainning the haitian people in misery, under miserable tents, but, he does not reveal where hi found that much money to rent a private jet to fly from Africa to Haiti.

    A salary for a president of Haiti is not a biga mount according to the constitution.Duvalier came back from France with a normal ticket by takiing his seat in a commercial plane as everyone.However, the world has witnessed that Aristide , who born and raise in misery got so much money to have a billionaire live and live in a Castle.

    Jean Claude Duvalier was lucky enough to be the son of two professionals, his mother and his father. His father was a medical doctor, a former Minister, a president. Himself was also president, but, he does not have so much money to keep a standard millionaire live while in exile in France.

    I remember that congressman Robert Monde told me that one time, he traveled to visit with Jean Claude, he found him him in a very bad shape with a used pair of shoes.He used to to some small job to survive in France.So where did Aristide got so much money to hire important people all over the world to kill, to go back and forth to power?

    Somehow, we need to investigate who are behind him to assassinate,to steal, to kidnap as he is doing without any fear?

    Glory to God that some of them identify themselves today.They have to answer the the Justice system someday.

    Haitians, be prepared for the day of delivrance. It is really near.

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