Haiti’s president rejects US Senate advice on how to prepare for fall presidential election-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Johnathan Katz-Baltimore SUN

Associated Press Writer

6:04 PM EDT, June 30, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Haiti’s president on Wednesday rejected U.S. Senate recommendations on holding an election for his successor, brushing off criticism that the current process will leave the shattered country without a credible leader.

A report issued this month by Sen. Richard Lugar, the ranking Republican on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, “strongly encourages” Haiti to let its international partners help restructure the eight-member Provisional Electoral Council, which has been accused of corruption.

The report also recommends ensuring the participation of the key opposition party of ousted former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, which was blocked from participating in 2009 legislative contests because of a dispute over rival candidate lists.

On Tuesday, President Rene Preval fulfilled one recommendation of the report by issuing a signed decree setting election day for Nov. 28.

But speaking at a news conference in an open-air gazebo alongside the broken remains of the national palace a day later, Preval told reporters he had no intention of complying with the rest, including changing the election body, known as the CEP.

“I’m not doing the CEP with international partners. I’m doing the CEP with national partners,” Preval said. “The senator’s proposition is inadmissible.”

Seeking to show the council was not “hand-picked,” as he said in English, Preval handed out copies of nomination letters for the panel’s members submitted by various national and religious organizations, including the National Council of Political Parties, Roman Catholic Church and National Confederation of Haitian Vodou.

He also defended the prohibition on the exiled Aristide’s Fanmi Lavalas party in last year’s elections, a ban that came after rival factions of the party submitted competing lists of candidates.

“International donors need to look for an accord with the CEP and the political parties and the factions of Fanmi Lavalas,” Preval said. “We are giving (the parties) the support that they need, and the factions need to figure it out (for themselves).”

Preval did not discuss the forced resignation of an electoral council member accused of stealing a staffer’s pay or opponents’ allegations that the council gave special privileges to the president’s newly formed Unity Party ahead of planned Feb. 28 legislative elections, which were postponed because of the Jan. 12 earthquake that devastated the capital.

He also declined to answer questions about another U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee report that criticizes Haiti’s earthquake recovery, saying he would address that issue at a news conference on reconstruction next week.

Elections have never been easy in Haiti, a country whose founding president crowned himself emperor. It took 186 years to hold what the international community considered a democratic election in 1990, which was then closely followed by a coup d’etat.

Preval, in fact, is the only Haitian ever to be elected president, serve a full term and hand off power to an elected successor. Unable to run for re-election in the November contest, he pledged to relinquish power again as he did in the 1990s — after protesters alleged earlier this year that he was dragging his feet on holding presidential the election.

Doing so will require significant help. The electoral council’s headquarters were destroyed and its records lost in the quake, while millions of voters were either killed, made homeless or displaced. Its new headquarters is a former luxurious Gold’s Gym seized by drug agents.

The election will also be a cost burden for this grindingly poor Caribbean nation: $29 million according to electoral officials at the news conference with Preval, $38 million according to the U.S. Senate report.

The Organization of American States and United Nations have pledged support. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement Wednesday praising the decree setting the election date and pledged the help of U.N. peacekeepers and advisers in preparing and supporting the ballot. Ban urged member states to quickly provide the money needed to run the vote.



The election will be no burden upon the Haitians as the United States and Canada pick up the lion’s share of the costs. However, Canada did state that it would not provide funds if a new CEP was not formed.

Preval showed copies of letters nominating the present CEP members. He did not explain how his mistress, Madame Cherubin, was made a member of the CEP. Retrospectively, he didn’t clarify conditions that saw his first cousin as chairman of an earlier Preval CEP.

If Preval is so sure of the CEP validity, why doesn’t he ask the same nominating organizations to re-nominate the existing CEP members…minus the guy who was just fired for stealing his worker’s money?

Preval cannot do this because he knows he could not get the same nominating groups to nominate those who now fill the Preval-controlled CEP.

The International Community (more specifically the Americans/French/Canadians) could use what is known as “moral suasion.”

These governments have enough evidence against Preval for minor failings…cocaine trafficking, murder, torture, kidnap, theft of hundreds of millions…

Make a deal with him.

If he immediately creates a new CEP, makes the November elections an honest reality, and turns power over to a duly elected successor without any more efforts to upset, control or derail the process…he can retire with his stolen bank accounts.

If he doesn’t do these things there should be no impunity, no immunity…no place to hide. And, the Americans, Canadians and the French should pursue him on all criminal counts and freeze his hundreds of millions in bank accounts.

Remember, the French have Preval-controlled gang-leader Amaral Duclona…  Preval/Jude Celestin had Duclona kill a guy from Public Works when he would not sign off on a $100,000,000 deal that saw Preval buying used, instead of new equipment…then pocketing the difference in costs.

Duclona also murdered a French Consul on Preval’s orders.…

The International Community has some leverage here.

“Suspicion haunts the guilty mind….”

Preval is so devious and dishonest that he could never believe anyone would make a deal with him…then keep their  word. Preval could/would never do this.


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    Nan eleksyon 16 Desanm 1990 la, se Aristide ki te kandida Ofisyel blan an olye Marc Bazin.Sepandan,Blan te pran poz ke Aristide pa t moun pa l. Pep la te panse ke volonte pa li ki te mete Aristide sou pouvwa a, konsa,Ayisyen te kwe ke eleksyon te bon, eke se volonte pep ayisyen ki te pase.

    Ala iyorans. Bon, ki kote Aristide te pase pou li te vin kandida pou prezidan? Koman Aristide te fe kenbe tet devan Lepap? Ki moun ki te oganize kanpay pou Aristide?

    Se Monsenye yo, se pe yo, s me yo, se fre yo, se direkte chapel yo, se fidel yo. Yo tout se manm Gwo Legliz dyab la, ki se Babilon Lagrannd.

    Kiles ki te bay modod chanje pouvwa an Ayiti? Se te Pap Janpol 2.
    Kiles ki te komanse mobilizasyon popile a? Se te Gwo Legliz la, nan fe mach pou Manman Mari.

    Bon, kiles ki te bay lod pou fe dechoukay an Ayiti? Ki kote pov malere te jwenn kob pou achte epi transpote tout kawotchou sa yo pou te vini boule makout yo? Ki kote pep pov la te jwenn kob pou li te achte tout dwoum gazolin sa yo pou te vin boule moun, ensandye kay ak biwo prive tankou piblik nan peyi a? Kiles ki t ap distribye make pou ekri eslogan yo sou tout mi yo? Kiles ki te mennen yon paket ak yon bann gwo jeyan soti nan lot peyi pou te vini fe antrenman dechoukay la?

    Kiles ki te bay Jal Namphy lod pou kite teworis Ayisyen yo rantre nan peyi a an 1986? Ki kote Evans Paul, Dr Enol Joseph, Sylvio Claude, Rene G. Preval,
    Manno Charlemagne,Aristide,Prosper Avril,Monseye Romulus,ak tout lot Kriminel yo te jwenn lajan pou yo te fe operasyon dechoukay la?

    Kiles ki te finanse lapres la pou te fe espyonaj pou prepare lis non moun pou yo te dechouke? Pou kisa nou pa mande Lilianne Pierre-Paul, Konpe Filo,Marvel Dandin, Michele Montas,e latriye, ki kote yo te jwenn tout dola vet sa yo?

    Jodi a, nou we ke blan an pran Michele Montas, l al antrene li nan Nasyonzini pa vre? Blan an pran Michelle Pierre-Louis, li fome li, pa vre? Blan an pran Jean Max Bellerive, L ap antrene li pa vre? Blan an pran Jacques Edouard Alexis, l ap kore li pavre? Lis la two long, m ap kite res la pou pep la jwenn res la pou kont li.Paske, pep la konnen yo pi byen anko, paske, se nan mitan pep la bagay yo ap manniganse pa vre?

    Kiles ki te sere Preval nan FAES? kiles ki te sere Preval apre premye manda li? Kiles ki t al chache preval nan elikopte nan Mamlad pou li te vin pase lod nan pale nasyonal nan mitan elksyon 2006 la? Ki kote Latortue te resevwa $19 milyon dola vet pou li pote bay Preval pou eleksyon 2006 la?

    Mouche Blan, demele get ou tande, bwa a preske mare nan dengonn ou.
    Se pouko koze a sa. Serate Hector Anacacis ap vin pale de pase men nan KEP, de dyalog avek opozisyon pou eleksyon demokratik? Deki lakyel de pase men? Deki lakyel de dyalog avek opozisyon pou konsansis?

    Depi ki le blan k ap sipote teworis lagoch kriminel la ki gen misyon pou fe jenosid pou detwi epi desime tout nasyon Ayisyen nan te konn nan diskite avek moun?

    Nou pa we yon dezyem avetisman Bondye bay anko nan Chanpyona mondyal foutbol la nan Afrik Disid? Tout peyi ki paleAngle ak kanteyann elimine. Tou senpleman paske yo ap bwe san pep Ayisyen.

    Mouche blan, ou pran nan twa wa yo:

    1- Wa Kaka
    2- Wa Kite Sot.
    3- Wa Gen Tan Konnen.

    Blan, ou met vole ponpe, depi nou pa bay kriminel yo do, Bondye delivrans 1803-1804 la pral frape w manm jan li te frape Farawon ak tout peyi Lejip pou li te kapab libere pep Izrayel. Sou w konprann pou w anpeche Moyiz Pep Ayisyen vinn libere li, ebyen, talekonsa ou pap gen bouda chita.

    Reyinyon adwat, reyinyon agoch, tout se manniget bouzen ak vakabon sou pay kwabosal.Nou te kenbe Duvalier yo sou pouvwa a, Nou enstale kriminel teworis nan peyi a depi 1986 pou rive 2010, epi, w ap pesiste toujou menm le ou we ke li pa posib? Ebyen, genyen 3 jan ou pral aprann:
    1-Jan Chache
    2-Jan Twouve
    3- Jan jwenn.
    Pawol Gran Moun.

    Blan, ou pral we konbyen magouye ki pral mouri nan kabann yo.
    Blan, ou pral we konbyen krinmienl ki pral fe kriz kadyak.
    Blan, ou pral we konbyen konplote ki pral we jousblan anvan Nwel.

    Pep la pap menm bezwen fe manifestasyon anko, paske koze sa a deja regle. Preval, Bellerive, Jacques E.Alexis e latriye pap viv lontan anko. Yo touye two inosan, nou deja lage tout mo yo nan dangonn yo.

    Bourik chaje pa kanpe. Tout kriminel yo dwe al jije nan tribinal
    Bondye avek tout viktim yo?

    Komsi, nou konprann se jwet?

    Apa li Papa!

    Bwa a mare.

    Nwaj nwe nou te we nan lot peyi pral vin kouvri Ayiti tou wi.
    Lafendimond nan pral paret tout bon an Ayiti vre wi.
    Men tout, Bondye pa pral kite okenn lot peyi ki deside bwe san pep la san jije non.

    Mwen deja mande padon pou Etazini, men, tou, fok nou wete ko nou anba Preval ak kriminel akolit li yo wi.

    Ti mesyedam Nasyozini yo se yon pil ti pedan, yo pa konprann anyen. Se zafe ki gade yo. Se kob yo vin fe. Tanpi pou yo.
    Kite yo pran chans yo. Si yo kwe m manti, se pou yo entepele Heidi Anabi?

    Tan selman, Mwen te deja deklare pa p gen kote pou yo antere kadav an Ayiti, magre sa n ap pouse m pou refe Bondye menm demand lan? Menm priye a nan dengonn nou anko?

    Se tout bon vre, si nou pesiste, M ap di toufe 77 fwa 100 fwa nan dengonn nou epi se fi=ni= epi nou kaba wi.

    Bondye deja chwazi met ke Ayiti a wi. Neg ki gen kle pou louvri pot delivrans Ayiti a pa p negosye evek okenn kriminel tankou nou non.

    Pouvwa Lisiferyen an pran bout an Ayiti tande.

  2. I must say that I really appreciate your site.

    One of my duties, with the government in Washington, is the survey of Haitian material on the Internet.

    Your web site is by far the best, balanced source of immediate Haitian reporting. It distills all of the self-serving and biased garbage for a presentation that features items from the entire spectrum of opinion.

    And your comments, on some of the material, is a great help to us in forming opinions here.

    Keep up the battle for Haiti and the Haitians.

    Bill Godenz

  3. By: Jean Robert Pierre Louis
    Fanmi Lavalas member
    In exile in The United States

    President Preval cannot organize free elections in Haiti. He wants to keep the power to protect himself and his team after many hundreds millions of US dollars has been disappeared on his Administration without giving any explanation to the Haitian people. He considers himself above the law. He has kept hundreds of political prisoners, members of Fanmi Lavalas, for all his term in jail without doing process of law. During all his term he refuses to nominate the Haitian Supreme Court members, according to the Haitian constitution. He uses taxpayer’s money to finance candidates from his political party Lespwa (hope), now unite (unity) during senate election of April 19, 2009. Some members of his administration used their power to withdraw, for their private use, almost all money from a pension fund named ONA, an institution that accumulates contributions made by the fund participants over their working lives. He does not use financial aid received from foreign countries to promote economic growth, create employment, and durable development in Haiti. He is waiting for taxpayers’ money from other countries specially, from The United States to finance his antidemocratic and exclusive elections.

    President Preval personally, excludes Fanmi lavalas from participating to the elections because he knows that he cannot steal them if Fanmi Lavas participates at the contest. Most of the fractions of Fanmi Lavas he is talking about do not exist. There is only one Fanmi Lavalas. He abuses his power to keep many popular political organizations in Haiti outside of the electoral process. What he is doing is unethical and no civilized people, no civilized worldwide and/or national organizations, no civilized countries/goverments can accept it.

    In the last electoral registration, when he prohibited Fanmi Lavalas for a second time, there were not two (2) fractions of Fanmi Lavalas. In addition, the electoral council wrote President Aristide to ask him to designate a responsible of Fanmi Lavalas so that it can be admitted (we know it was trick of President Preval) in process. He gave the authorization to Dr. Maryse Narsice; furthermore, he released a press speech to support his paper. Despite of all, President Preval pressured the council to not accept the registration. The records still exist. What Haitian people want is the organization of free, democratic, and inclusive elections. This electoral council and president Preval are not credible to organize free, honest, democratic, and inclusive election in Haiti. They are all liars; President Preval has already corrupted them with Haitian taxpayers’ money. What President Preval wants is to bring Haiti in a unprecedented political turmoil. Haitian do not want President Preval any more, he loses his legitimacy.

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