May 9, 2010

Fritz Dorziair held three meetings with the Uruguayans in Haiti, over the past few days. One Saturday, May 5, and 2 Monday, May 7. Johny Jean, and members of his family, attended the first two. Fritz Dorziair went alone, to the third fateful, important criminal meeting, Monday afternoon.

Uruguay’s Minister of Foreign Affairs,Doctor Luis Almagro Lemes appointed Ambassador Romero Rodriguez as Special Envoy, to accompany Johny Jean and his 2 lawyers to Uruguay.  Dorziair was listed as one of these, even though he is not one.

It was with Ambassador Romero Rodriguez, Special Envoy of Uruguay’s Minister of Foreign Affairs – Doctor Luis Almagro Lemes – that made the deal with Fritz Dorziair at the third and final meeting Monday. It was with Ambassador Romero Rodriguez that Fritz Dorziair made the deal to sell out!    Johny Jean will lose the case, on the 10th, and Fritz Dorziair will be paid.

Dorziair exerted a great deal of pressure to obtain copies of Ed Marger’s documentation, for the Ambassador, but was unsuccessful. At the meetings, Ambassador Romero Rodriguez promised everyone that “The Americans would not be allowed in the court room.”

The Uruguayans had already stacked the deck by making no provision for an English translation.

During the January press conference, held in the Plaza Hotel, Marger stated that Uruguayan President Jose “Pepe” Mujica was a liar…. when he said that Johny John could not be found for an interview.

We now see that he is more than just a blatant liar. We see that his written apology to our President Michel Martelly was nothing more than a used piece of toilet paper. President Mujica has no honor. His word is worth nothing.

And we now see that Uruguayan honor does not exist.

The Uruguayan government sent a Special Envoy – Ambassador Romero Rodriguez – to pursue  the criminality behind his government’s face.

The Government of Uruguay is willing to sell its honor – and avoid making reparations to Johny Jean for the horrendous crime committed by Uruguayan sailors on MINUSTAH duty.  It is no better than the four rapists who attacked Johny Jean on July 26, 2011

How many “Pieces of Silver” did Ambassador Romero Rodriguez pay Fritz Dorziair to sell Johny Jean’s case?

They didn’t want to face Ed Marger, Mike Puglise and the American team in court. They didn’t want to negotiate with someone who knows what is going on and can place a fair value on settlements.

Instead, the Uruguayans had Fritz Dorziair obtain a Mandat, a Mandat no one has seen, from an illiterate family – who did not know what they were signing….all in order to cheat Johny Jean out of what was coming to him. In doing this, Fritz Dorziair, and the Uruguayan government, in the person of Ambassador Romero Rodriguez – have shown a flagrant disregard for the rights of a single Haitian citizen and for the Haitian Nation.

The charade takes place at 1400 hours on May 10, 2012 in a closed court from which nothing will be leaked. The original plan was to fly Johny in at 0930 that morning…go to court..and fly out in the evening. No one need know he was ever in the country. Ed Marger managed to get Johny to Uruguay earlier, so he could rest before his testimony. But the process is meaningless. Johny will lose. The court will find no evidence of a crime or claim the sex was consensual. In any case, what kind of a court session can you hold in 120 minutes?

It will all be over.

The Ambassador returns to Uruguay.

Fritz Dorziair will return to Haiti.

I hope that Fritz Dorziair’s fellow Haitians do not forget his treasonous actions!

Dorziair should at least be arrested for the theft of $10,000 USD from Johny Jean.

President Martelly, where are you??!!


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  1. Johny Jean’s family, and Part Salut community should squeeze cash from Fritz Dorziair.

    And then Martelly new Minister Justice should arrest him.

  2. We at the embassy did a great deal to facilitate this project and it is disgusting to see that our efforts were used, by Fritz Dorziair, to take advantage of poor victims.

  3. One can wish the kidnap persons will visit Mr. Dorziair and spread the money around our commune.

    Dorziair is a pig.

    He has ruined the blan’s negotiation for greedy purpose and now perhaps there will be no $$

  4. I can recall the wonderful confrontation between the American avocats and a visiting Uruguayan general last September. With quality persons like this in control what can the person of Fritz Dorziar offer the the progress?

    Absolutely nothing.

    He is not qualified as an avocat. He has no real experience in anything and yet he still believes he has the abilities to meet with skilled foreign diplomats. My goodness.

    This is one of our national weaknesses. Some of our untalented persons believe they can do anything, when they should be limited to carrying parcels on their heads.

    Dorziair is one such personage.

  5. Leave Fritz Dorziar alone. Our Creole proverb says it al, and will be understood by the Blan.

    “This is not stealing. It is a way of making a living.”

    Dorziair is just trying to fill hiw bowl, but he should share some of the $10,000 USD with Johny Jean.

    Instead of sharing he made improvements to his guest house.

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