Flash News- Haitian Conflict of Interest : Elizabeth Delatour Preval

March 18, 2010: Omega News is in the process of publishing a report concerning the contract Awarded to Sogener  ( Vorbe et Fils V&F Construction) and  DRC Group an Alabama Corporation.
The contract of 100 million dollars US is a conflict of interest when the Wife of President Rene Preval:
Elizabeth Delatour Preval is:
A consultant for Sogener ( Vorbe et Fils   V&F Construction
And  the  Representing  Agent for DRC Group.
Were is the  The Haitian Senate or Chambre of Deputies?
Have they  been informed :  YES OR NO
Omega will publish and  provide the answers next week
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4 thoughts on “Flash News- Haitian Conflict of Interest : Elizabeth Delatour Preval

  1. This is just the first step towards the total rape of Haiti by the choen few around Preval…The Vorbe Vampires, the Delatour Dilettantes, Celestin Criminals and Voltaire Vultures… The teams that will play with Haiti’s dollars.

    What are the investors thinking of?

    They will not be in very good shape when Preval gets kicked out of office.

  2. As they say in the Film Business.
    “Let’s cut to the chase…”
    Why hasn’t our government stepped in a put an end to this criminality??!!
    They are seeing these people make a mockery of all efforts to save Haiti.
    A surgeon would cut this malignancy from the human body.
    Why doesn’t President Obama correct this situation.

    Where is the Corrupt Practices act??

  3. The personage that ties everthing together is Elizabeth Delatour.

    She has slept her way throughout the business and political communities making her a major courtesan in history pas de credit, pas de cheques – CASH ONLY..

    In Brooklyn she would be termed with a much simpler word:whore.

    1. Sad thing is, she is pretty attractive. A dangerous tool, she is.

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