NEWS FLASH-Haitian Prime Minister Bellerive was arrested at the Dominican/Haitian border as he tried to flee Haiti.

Released information from 4:01 PM January 22 2010

On January 12, 2010, the night of the earthquake disaster,  Haitian Prime Minister Bellerive was arrested at the Dominican/Haitian border as he tried to flee Haiti.  He had a case with $8,000,000.00 American dollars in it. This was returned to the Haitian government but, since Preval/Bellerive are the government, this is open to interpretation.

Preval was contacted and had to obtain his Prime Minister’s release the following day.

Bellerive  would probably have sought sanctuary with his boyfriend/girlfriend? Whoever it is that lives there.

Bellerive phoned Preval and told him he had found a place for Preval in the Dominican Republic and Preval joined him. This upset Dominican President Fernandez and he stepped in.  You see, Bellerive has been, and remains a member of the Dominican Secret Service – for at least 20 years.  He started to work in Minister if Interior under the CNG as a adviser,  and worked with Aristide while he was in power.  He worked for Aristide as a key figure in the Electoral Council. Always managed to be at a strategic position. He has this in common with Preval. Both men of the shadows..underground men with special agendas, not in step with those of their own country.

They planned to steal the February elections, followed by the Presidential ballot later in the year.

Preval also contacted MINUSTAH – effectively turning over control to them – with the promise they would protect him. He believed the Mob would finish him off after the quake.

In a parallel to the 2008 Hurricane Disaster relief material and funds, Preval plans to retain control of everything coming into Haiti.  In 2008 he and his friends stole everything including $198,000,000 from one account.
All humanitarian aid, Preval called all people from UNITE to get everything. Once again, Preval plans to control all donations to steal it or give assistance to UNITE’s candidates for elections. What they call non-coordination is Preval’s policy. We know he is incompetent, but he is using his incompetency in politics to organize his men. This is the same way he disorganized all of the other political parties to have his party – UNITE win everything. He wants the Americans to fail so he can name his successor.

Preval told his inner circle that he had regained control of the country, after he stood against the French/Americans/Canadians. Preval then sent his wife to many places to in an effort to gain some PR points with the foreigners and Haitians. Preval could not go himself because he was drunk.

And there is a story about Bellerive that should be told to show what kind of man he is.

Preval has this dossier. I hope the International Community does not give us this scum Bellerive as President. This is the present plan. Here is a story that can be verified via French contacts, or the businessmen at the meeting.

The French offered to send material to repair Haiti’s docks.  There was a signing meeting in Martinique. Everyone was  waiting for Minister of Public Works  Bellerive.   He stopped of in the DR to see a friend.   He was supposed to sign an agreement between France and Haiti  at 4 P.M.  At 2 P.M. he phones to say he cannot come.

Everyone waiting. The Director  of the meeting was a member of the French Secret Service. This guy called his the associate  in the Dominican Republic and said..  “I would like to know what this guy is doing. Phoned me 2 hours before the meeting  to cancel.”    minutes later the answer arrived  when the Dominican French secret service guy called to say, He is making love   with 2 Dominicans at a hotel. Do you want pictures…boys…  16 – 18 years old.”

This shows how irresponsible Bellerive is and Preval had this dossier when he appointed him Prime Minister.

The French would have sent one boatload of building material each month – free of charge. Bellerive would rather screw a couple of young boys – could be young girls – rather than help the poor people of Haiti.

All of the Haitian people are waiting for the International Community to remove the guy. Too Much, is too much!!!!



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  1. What proof do you have this actually took place? We must be very careful as we tend to blame everyone but ourselves especially in situations like this.
    If this is true, then let the international community be aware and we can take action. We must stay vigilant without making false accusations. Let’s search for the truth and let’s concentrate in helping our people and rebuilding our nation.

    1. Spoke with representatives of two embassies in Haiti, a senior United Nations staffer and one of Preval’s key people in frontier control. Immediately after the quake the airport and border closed. Bellerive arrived and was intercepted. Dominican President Fernandez became involved and I spoke to a Colonel who is one of his aides. People have been hung with weaker evidence.

  2. edel vincent pierre

    I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment upon the note on Bellerive’s attempted departure.

    It is a fact, known to many involved. As you know, there is nothing that remains a secret – forever – in Haiti. With time, it will become widely known as a fact. It should be known now, in order for the Haitian people to have an opportunity to judge the facts, in the immediate time.

    When Bellerive was involved with the CEP he had 2 Land Cruiser in his control Magically, these disappeared and he had no idea what happened to them. This was under Aristide. Some years later, under Latortue, the PNH traced them to the Domincan Republic. They had been sold by a lady who just happened to be living with Bellerive there. She still does, even though his tastes go towards boys.

    The PNH tried to recover the cars but met strange resistance from the Dominican authorities. The PNH pressed. They were finally told to back of, their secret service was involved….and so Bellerive managed to steal and sell two Land Cruisers without a problem.

    All too often, too few people are in on what is true and what isn’t. I happen to have some very interesting access to otherwise confidential sources. You will have seen my reply to Stanley Lucas. He holds himself up as a paragon of honesty and perfection. Unfortunately life does not present perfection very often.

    I too, have many flaws, however, I do make every effort to tell the truth as I see it, backed by the opinions of related, and unrelated sources for one look at a subject.

    Unfortunately, the Blan has meddled in Haiti’s affairs too often, and then walks away when things go bad.

    They cannot be worse than they are now and we cannot waste the Nation’s energies on bums like Preval, Bellerive and the rest of his Groupe Bourdon. Gonaives is still as bad as it was in 2008. All of the relief money…well, almost all of the relief money was stolen by the Preval team. Prime Minister Pierre-Louis, who I know personally, promised an inquiry and thyen went mute. She was – remember – Preval’s partner in a failed bakery some years ago.

    Haiti is using its last wishes. We cannot waste them if the Nation is to survive.

    Best regards,

    1. Pardon the errors. After surviving the quake and spending so many of the following days awake helping the survivors, I made a few minor errors while typing this article. Thank you for pointing them out. Is there a reason why you chose to capitalize the L? In your other comment,(which I deleted) you were rather rude. Perhaps from your cozy place in Virginia, you can show a bit of respect to someone who is actually on the ground in Port-au-Prince.

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  4. If this accusation is accurate, these mother f….?? need to get throwing out of Haiti,and we’re asking for the International community to freeze all their bank accounts and assets. We as a Nation are very sick and tired of all this bull sh..? that’s going on in our country. We want all these traiters, hypocrites, thiefs and all Haiti enemies to findly leave Haiti for good. Our incestors must be rolling from their grave, knowing that they fought so hard for our freedom from slavery. Our very own brothers and sister are destroying our value and what we stand for as a nation. Instead of fixing the country and helping its citizens, they rather sell every valuable things we own, such as gold, copper, oil ect… to our enermies. They claim Haiti, is the poorest country in the western atmosphere, sure Haiti is poor thank to our F…? Government that’s been in place for centuries, selling everything we own in Haiti. The Citadell is one of our prize possession in Haiti, from my heart and my people of Haiti. If that place is ever sold to anyone without our permission or our knowledge, The Haitian people know what to do????????????????????. God Bless.

  5. Bless you Joseph.

    Look at the other crimes of Preval and his team on this site.

    Last night he gave a press conference at which Preval said he was going to stop the ONGs from handing out food. As Preval said…”He was not going to have foreigners put food in his mouth…” meaning of course, Haiti’s mouth. Needless to say, Preval is not hungry while millions of his citizens are starving.

    Until the Haitian people rise up, we will be plagued with criminals like Rene Preval and his fellow criminals

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