FLASH FLOODS It is 1836 hours July 6, 2010.

A violent storm is sweeping the area.

High winds, lightning strikes, thunder….a classic  thunderstorm that is dropping a wild deluge of water on an already soaked scene.

Two hours ago, another fast moving storm left 4 inches of accumulated water on our flat roof. The drains were plugged by leafs.

We are located on a hill and  the road has become a fast-moving torrent that sweeps large rock along with it. Some of these missiles are 9 or 10 inches across and will make the road look like a war zone in the morning.  Our torrent joins others, finally catapulting down the steep Kenscoff Road into Place Pierre where thousands shelter in a flimsy tent city.

This will be a bad night for these Haitians.

Everything was already saturated.

A similar storm hit last night as a rapidly moving cold front dumped another ocean on the area. That storm drowned 2 small children in their shelter when waters rose quickly  to swamp the entire encampment…flooding latrines and sending lumps of shit to pollute an already polluted world. Diarrhea is rampant, making an already  hopeless situation worse.

Children will die.

Diphtheria, typhoid and tetanus are but a few of the ailments joining simple colds an pneumonia.  Infections are increasing and many who had limbs amputated are now succumbing to infections as their wounds fester without proper treatment.

Tetanus is a common danger and we have no medicines for its prevention, let alone treatment.

President Preval says there is no problem.

Bill Clinton took 5 months to hold a meeting of his rescue team.

Perhaps he was hoping that many of us would die to lessen the challenge,


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1 thought on “FLASH FLOODS It is 1836 hours July 6, 2010.

  1. My goodness, what a terrible night for the people to suffer. And the hurricane season hasn’t really got a start yet.

    Bill Clinton is really a shame.

    5 Months before he held the first meeting of his vaunted salvation project.

    I fear he is in this to build his image – not rebuild Haiti.

    My friends there tell me that nothing has really been done other than to waste a lot of money ineffectively

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