September 3, 2015

In spite of Michel Martelly’s claims, before he took the presidency, his, and Sophia’s arrogance, transferred to Olivier, has placed this young guy in what may be a very, very, very serious situation.

After a couple of years, he began to believe in his own impunity.

Otherwise, he would have remained a pleasant, low key guy.

Olivier disappeared from the scene weeks ago.

Now, sources in the United States tell us that Olivier Martelly, American citizen, has some extremely dangerous problems with the American Internal Revenue Service who would like to know how a guy, recently out of his teens, with no real visible means of support, can have accumulated enough hard cash – millions in fact – to build expensive structures, in Petion-Ville, and elsewhere, plus an investment in a substantial hotel project, in the Dominican Republic.

Some suggest that the US Marshall’s service has prevented his departure, from American territory.

This may just be the first shot, in what may become a chain-reaction, as Sophia is targeted next. She has not completely lost her American citizenship since the requirements for this see a demand for official documentation, from the IRS, to the effect that she has satisfied her obligations to the tax system.

This cannot be done until she completes the tax form for her period as First Lady; American tax forms, declaring global income, even if not taxable. That means she has to declare what she has stolen – many millions – or be guilty of a criminal offense for improper filing.

An interesting situation, which will become more interesting as Martelly’s term draws to a close and people can be arrested in a more private setting by the DEA or US Marshalls.

No one is immune from Justice.

Olivier may be the lever that topples the Michel Martelly government.


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5 thoughts on “FLASH-FLASH-FLASH

  1. Let us pray to got that the end is near. Let them all fall by their own greed

  2. I hope they all go to prison for a very long time 30 plus years, maybe then this greed will stop

  3. Haiti and Guatemala are both maligned with corruptions. Yet the Guatemalans made History this week, in 2006 the U.N or so called International community injected an impunity cause for government officials in the Guatemalan constitution. Today the President and the vice president are jailed for corruption. VIVA Guatemala Long Live Guatemala! So called third world countries don’t need the U.N.

  4. We have seen Olivier in Jamaica with his father.

    This does not mean he was not detained, by US Marshals, and then released, after President Martelly understood their message.

    No one suggested Olivier was arrested.

    However, he may be arrested.

    Time will tell, as he plays his part as a piece in the major jigsaw puzzle.

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