Congresswoman Maxine Waters headed mission to Haiti this week. The American team included President Clinton’s man, responsible for reconstruction of Haiti. These visitors accompanied by Ambassador Kenneth Merten, met with various political and business leaders to see what truth there might be in stories about President Preval’s out-of-control theft of emergency relief funds and relief materials.

The team was very blunt in its insistence that there will be an election in November and  all parties will participate  including Lavalas.  They warned Preval as to the danger he faced should he decide to meddle in the electoral process. They said they were aware of his ongoing criminality and his plans to subvert Haiti’s democratic process, amend the Constitution and create a new style of dictatorship paralleling that set up by Chavez and attempted by the last president of Honduras.

Ambassador Merten made it clear that the American government expected an unhindered election in November, followed by Preval’s departure.

There has been discussion on the fact that there will be no instances in which a president, and his cohort, will fly into luxurious exile, with their stolen fortunes intact.

This time there will be fair justice. The people will be judged and the innocent will be free.

The guilty will be jailed.

Their fortunes seized to be used for Haiti’s recovery.

President Rene Garcia Preval will fly to Washington on Monday for a Wednesday meeting with President Obama. There will be no official reception. He will be met by an angry Obama who doesn’t need another embarrassment in his hemisphere.

Admiral Mullen has already tried to explain the insane meeting he endured with Preval as the Haitian President ranted about accusation of theft, pillage, embezzlement, kidnap and much more. Preval retorted that his government had high moral standing…   One wonders what standard he would use to claim that!

Obama knows about the $198,000,000 stolen by Preval from Petro Caraibe funds. He knows of the recent $30,000,000 stolen from Latin American funds, given to Preval for Quake relief projects. A member of a bank staff has described how the money was electronically distributed to Preval,  Elizabeth Delatour, Jude Celestin and Dimitry Vorbe.. Obama knows how the customs service has been ordered to derail or grab all relief supplies, for use by UNITE in the elections – if held. Obama knows everything….. What remains to be seen is how he will use the intelligence he possesses.

Even as the meeting was planned, Grande Anse declared its intention to move forward with its own emergency program, as did a number of individual mayors. What can Preval do about these declarations of independence. The answer is – NOTHING! What police officer would move against those Haitians trying to help their people? Would MINUSTAH move?? I think not.

The sun is setting on the Preval criminal debacle.

All that is required will be the resolve to force a criminal judgement of President Preval, Elizabeth Delatour, Dimitri Vorbe, Jude Celestin and the rest of his criminal conspiracy. The Haitian people should have their hundreds of millions recovered for the Nation’s use.

Impeach Preval!

Judge Preval!

Jail Preval!

Then there will be hope for a future. If the criminal path is not blocked here, there will be no future.


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  1. Not Only Ti Rene, but also,Jean Bertrand Aristide criminel salope should be arrested, judged, and executed. Any one who wants to remain in power or wants Aristide back to power should be executed. Haiti needs new brain, not these corrupted politicians. As a mother of fact the present prime minister with his homosexual cabinet should be gone. pedophile Lescouflair should be gone, all of the people he has hired as members of his cabinet must be gone. Marie Laurence Josselin Lesbienne should be gone. We need people with character, not those abnormal people.

  2. Encore Delatour et Vorbe? Et les autres, vous ne les connaissez pas? Faudrait faire des recherches. Ou peut-etre, cherchez d’autres zins. Personnellement, j’aime bien les zins. Mais je sais que ce sont des zins. Parce que, mon frere, si vous voulez des voleurs, prenez 90% de mes compatriotes. Bienvenue sur la planete de la corruption generalisee. Tous des corrompus meme moi.Au moins Vorbe vole (sic) en travaillant.

  3. @ Marcus

    Marcus, I agree with you 100% that Haiti needs new brains, not these corrupted politicians. Do you have any suggestion? Because from what I see, the whole Haitian society is corrupted; if you think I am exaggerated, take a look back in our history. Any time a corrupt government lives another one comes in; nothing changes. The only hope we might have probably in the next 50 years, is if we start now to re-educate our people in ethics and morale values, respect for self and others. Then, only then we might have a chance.


  4. @Jean-Francois-
    Do you think it should be an entirely new government….or that cannot possibly happen? Small groups need to be formed which can handle the responsibility to actually help human lives and not feed their own desires. But wont the government come and bother those groups if they form?!! what do you think?

  5. @Chris,

    Chris, I think the country needs a consensus government, compose of some of the best minds in our society; such as politicians and private citizens from Haiti and the Diaspora to be there throughout the construction process. In addition, a supervisory body group, compose of investigating journalists from Haiti and the international community, especially from the countries by which the money is coming from; to prevent corruptions. While this construction process is going on, this consensus government would somehow call a special legislative election to reform some of the laws that have been in place since the 1800s, such as tax laws, education laws, etc. what do you think?


  6. I agree with you Jean-Francois and I beleive that the journalists will be they key important factors to keep things legitimate. The power of information …. real information is key. Finally after the earthquake I was able to make a quick 2 day to the Dominican Republic and it practically brought tears to me my eyes. Since I was young I used to travel there and hadent done so in many years. Haiti does not have to be the way it is. They build up from the same situation as us in less than 15 years. We must do something.

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