ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – ARREST THE BUM: Moise Jean Charles annonce-reprise-manifestations/

Port-au-Prince, le 4 janvier 2018.- Le leader de la Plateforme Pitit Desalin, Moise Jean-Charles a annoncé aujourd’hui, en conférence de presse, la reprise des manifestations contre l’administration du Président Jovenel Moise à partir du 9 janvier 2018.


Moise Jean Charles is without any goal or philosophical value other than to blackmail the government into paying him not to pay people to demonstrate. Jovenel should arrest MJC and then arrest the people who pay him to create chaos.
Our government cannot function effectively with these criminal groups, and individuals, trying to ruin the Nation’s opportunity to succeed.
Moise Jean Charles should be arrested and tried for his earlier murder of a man in Milot.


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