4 thoughts on “DUVALIER IS DEAD

  1. True friend? He could have been. He had the opportunity to move this country forward when he took over as president. He failed to educate himself on what true leaders do. He failed to capitalize on his father’s greatness and complete mastery of the country. He failed to surround himself with people who could have continued his father’s vision. He failed because never prepared himself. He will be remembered like the rest of the previous Haitian, could have been leaders, as a failure. his life was tortured; I feel sorry for him. May his soul find the peace that he, himself never enjoyed in the twilights of his life. May god have pity on him and on us all.

  2. One of the Best Presidents of Haiti After Martelly. Any Free Elections, Martelly First, Lamothe and Jn Claude Duvalier too close to call for the Second Position. Jn Claude was still more popular than many others. Great Man! I Love You Jn Claude, Paix a ton Ame.

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