March 13, 2012

Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2010.

Since that time, has struggled to recover from this disaster that killed some 367,000 people, injured countless others and destroyed many buildings. The International Community stepped in, pledging billions of dollars in assistance to revive, and reconstruct this tiny Caribbean nation.

Over two years have passed and little has been accomplished, other than to see millions of dollars disappear into questionable pockets  as some 500,000 still live under small canvas shelters – now frayed and leaking with age – or no shelter at all.

25,000,000 cubic yards of rubble were estimated – in 2010 – for removal. Most remain in place, trees and plants growing from the debris.

The billions in foreign assistance has attracted a new generation of Carpet

Baggers, people willing to cheat the Haitians, in their time of need.  Foreign firms swarmed Haiti, vultures attempting to pick the bones of a desperate people. Questionable contracts were negotiated with little requirement for productivity, so long as they shared with questionable Haitian partners.

The American embassy, in Haiti, has many dossiers on this problem.

There are many examples, such as the group that brought a 20 heavy trucks into the country, for rubble removal, obtaining a duty free entrance,  then sold them to private industry for other purposes.  Others generate expensive proposals that are paid for, then fill filing cabinets – forgotten.

And then there are groups who have contracted with the Haitian government, brought people into the country, received substantial cash payments, then failed to pay their local Haitian billings, or even their American staff.

What happened to the millions $$$$$?  They could be a subject for the Justice Department, or IRS when there is some spare time.

What has happened to the small fortunes of Blood Money paid to these new Carpet Baggers?

Let us look at one example.

MEL Inc Engineering Consultants, 1752 Dallas Drive, Baton Rouge Louisiana, headed by Morgan M. Watson Cell number 225 – 603-4100.

This American Carpet Bagger negotiated a contract for coordination of rubble removal and sent a  a team of Americans to Haiti. These Americans were  supposed to supervise Haitian teams as they surveyed buildings, selecting those to be destroyed. Then the buildings would be knocked down and the debris removed to dump sites.

Each team member was promised – as a minimum – a return ticket, accommodation, food and three months wages.  Two dozen American citizens were flown to Haiti, did their work, but were not paid a penny. The accommodation and food were not paid for and some team members – when faced with disastrous situations at home, in the States, had to buy airline tickets with their own credit cards, to escape Haiti.

This was/is a $2,500,000 contract with $750,000 paid as an advance.

What happened to this money if none of it was used to pay the American crews, sent to Haiti,  their living expenses, or car rentals?

There must be an investigation in Haiti, and in the United States, of MEL Inc, and all other American groups who have benefited from contracts with the Government of Haiti, without fulfilling their promises. These investigations may result in Criminal or Civil actions wherever applicable.

For starts, give Mr. Watson a call to see what sort of excuses he has for leaving his team in Haiti, unpaid, while their families faced foreclosures, unpaid bills, family problems and those other things that affect American lives. 1- 225 – 603-4100.

Call the American Embassy in Haiti:  011-509-2229-8000

Unfortunately, you cannot see the havoc such actions have created in Haiti.



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  1. And Mr. Watson has just departed Haiti, after spending several days there, without even taking the time to contact those he owes money!

  2. It should be noted that this would be a criminal offence, in the United States.

    Haiti must have something in the CODE PENAL to deal with this. Perhaps the Parquet – Haitian court – could issue an interdiction order against MEL, Inc staff, and those of other offenders, holding the Americans in Haiti until their debts were paid.

  3. Someone must look to his partners in Haiti where he is in alliances with members of Traveau Public who are governement. This is illegal in United States and should have investigations. He got contract and then took them as partners

  4. There is another company that got a lot of material on credit and then didn’t pay. One bill is for $750,000 in plywood.

    They left a hotel with something over $35,000 in accommodation and bar bills.

    I think it is something like ERD from Washington.

  5. That company was International Relief Development. – IRD

    We have just received a dossier to the effect that another American firm paid a long overdue billing for accommodation with an NSF cheque.

    These criminals give American business a bad reputation.

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