Janvier 22, 2010

Before, and after President Martelly’s speech last night, there were many different agendas at work in Haiti… some obvious, some not so obvious.


Jovenel Moise continues campaigning, without malice, attacking no one. He is maintaining a positive approach, even as the others become more ugly and violent.   The crowds he draws continue to expand. He is the most popular candidate, officially, or unofficially.


During the early hours of  Friday morning a Dominican-sponsored team of Lavalas Chimere travelled from Cite Soleir to Leogane. Their goal, to burn the big National School there, home to over 800 students.

A second team torched the Lycee Fabre in Gonaives.

How can Aristide – supposedly and educator – be involved with this violence, against the children of Haiti?

The Dominican team has invested a fortune in their concerted effort, with the help of Moise Jean-Charles and Aristide/Lavalas, to destabilize Haiti and destroy whatever infrastructure exists. This game is coordinated by the Dominican Minister of Commerce. The American State Department is aware of this game and has already spoken to Dominican officials, but the game continues,


Prime Minister Evans Paul has been maneuvering, since Martelly made him Prime Minister, for the President’s chair. Over the past few days he did his best to derail the January 24 election and force a Transition Government – headed by Evans Paul – upon Haiti.

He has not given up and will work to destroy Jovenel Moise’s Presidency. Evans Paul must be removed – instantly – from his position as Prime Minister.


Jude Celestin is a spoiler. He knew he could never win a free-and-fair election, against anyone. So he played a game in which he refused to participate, unless his terms were met.   Many concessions were made – but never enough to satisfy Celestin.

Finally, at noon, January 21, 2016 he supposedly delivered a letter to the CEP, withdrawing his candidacy. This was not legal, so has no position in law. It was good PR.

And the real game Celestin was playing had two motivations. First, he didn’t want to lose a fair, humiliating defeat at the ballot box.

Second, he wanted to block any chance of Moise Jean-Charles or Maryse Narcisse/Aristide. Had he dropped out, when legally required, one of these might have replaced Celestin, on the ballot.

How Jude Celestin, a drug dealer, massive thief of government funds and material, contract killer could be allowed on the ballot is totally unreal. One would have expected the French government to demand his extradition for his part in the murder of their Consul. They have Amarol Duclona’s testimony in a big filing cabinet.


1/22/16, 9:20:06 AM:   Security Message for U.S. Citizens
U.S. Embassy, Port-au-Prince, Haïti
January 22, 2016

Road Blocks on Route One from Cabaret to Gonaives, January 22, 2016

The Embassy has received reports of road blocks and general sporadic incidences of violence on Route One from Cabaret to Gonaives.  Travel for embassy personnel is restricted to essential, official travel until further notice, and all such travel must be approved in advance by the Embassy security officer.  All American Citizens are advised to avoid this route. Please keep in mind that demonstrations in Haiti, even peaceful ones, can escalate quickly and even turn violent, so the Embassy urges all U.S. citizens to remain vigilant, be aware of their surroundings, and avoid this area as much as possible.  Should you find yourself among or near protesters, depart the area immediately.


Held hostage by a very few people and organizations, Haiti’s 10,000,000 wish for very few things. Security, school for the kids, work, and – perhaps – some sort of medical help.

The few – in their Land Cruisers and expensive mansions – have simple desires. An increase in their personal wealth and powerbase.

The election will do something for the 10,000,000 if Jovenel Moise manages to initiate his Presidency. He will be able to create a real “grass roots” among th peasant population. Until now, this vast majority, has had zero say in the running of their Nation.

With any luck, this will change over the coming months.

Haiti’s survival depends on this.



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  1. Le groupe 8 enfants fréquentent des écoles étrangères coûteuses.

    Les enfants pauvres de Léogane et aux Gonaïves auront pas d’écoles.

    Les personnes égoïstes

  2. Flash : Lettre de Jean Renel Senatus aka zokiki au candidat de LAPEH Jude Celestin


    Candidat à la Présidence d’Haïti-LAPEH Jude Celestin
    En ses bureaux.-

    Monsieur le candidat Jude Celestin ,
    Monsieur le candidat , moi, Jean Renel Senatus, senateur élu de la Republique , signataire de la présente, vous conjure au nom de la patrie bien commune et bien-aimée, d’avoir un minimum de respect pour le peuple haïtien.

    Par votre comportement, j’ai fini par certifier que votre objectif est de faire obstacle non seulement au processus electoral mais aussi et surtout à la nation en general.

    Voyant que vous êtes sans ligne et programme politiques, avec une attitude tres rancunière, vous devenez alors pénible ,embêtant,irritant,agaçant contre la nation par votre esprit de vengeance .

    Préoccupé des douleurs et des souffrances que vous avez deja apporté au peuple,que vous apportez maintenant au peuple, que vous planifiez d’apporter au peuple, et que par vos discours d’incitation à la rebellion et mème à la violence de manière indirecte,vous devenez, Mr Jude Celestin trop vindicatif et dangereux dans l’unique but de defendre votre intérêt personnel.
    Je vous conseillerais de surseoir desormais sur vos rencontres avec les differents acteurs et auteurs principaux qui organisent les manifestations et actions violentes visant à incendier les institutions scolaires,les bureaux electoraux,les entreprises privées.

    Ne savez vous pas Mr Jude Celestin, qu’en matière pénale,vous serez passible des memes peines ,des memes poursuites judiciaires quand vous êtes complice des actes vandalistes d’Ándre Michel, de Newton Saint Juste,d’Évaliere Beauplan,de Desras Simon Dieuseul,d’Arnel Belizaire, de Jean Henry Ceant, d’Éric Jean Baptiste,de Samuel Madistin, de Jean Baptiste Bien Aimé et des declarations d’íncitation à la violence des Journalistes Jean Monard Metellus, Lilianne Pierre Paul et de tous autres anarchistes qui incendient les écoles,les bureaux electoraux.?

    Mr Jude celestin,ressaisissez vous ! ressaisissez vous !

    Veuillez recevoir, Monsieur le Jude Celestin, mes salutations patriotiques.

    Jean Renel SÉNATUS,
    Senateur de la République

  3. It is 1:30 and there are big problems at Sacre Coeur school where chimere are throwing rocks and burning tires.
    Building under attack.
    Children are in frightened panic.
    Where is PNH and MINUSTAH??

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