July 30, 2014

President Martelly promised a free education – for all children in Haiti. He really means this but some, close to him, work to make this an impossibility.

Greed is good!

The loss of Vanneur Pierre, as Minister of Education, was a loss to the children of Haiti. His replacement, by N. Manigat, set the Martelly team’s progress back measurably.

Manigat’s term will be viewed as wasted months, wasted opportunities for millions of kids.

Manigat’s personal Secondary Level experience is not at a level required to coordinate the education of those who really need our help. He might be able to contemplate university courses, on an advanced level, but has absolutely  no experience applicable to the needs of Haiti’s vast pool of needy children.

He is also committed to his own commercial entity Croissance, which will benefit from his time in the cabinet.

His staff includes people who have an addiction to writing complex, and technical treatises on education, that have no basis in the needs of Haiti’s poor, illiterate children.  Their only value is to be found in the fees paid, to their own personal companies, often in the range of $50,000 – $75,000 USD – all for a few pages, often copied from existing publications.

We must teach our children the basics – to read and write. This is not rocket science, requiring complex studies. We are not re-inventing the wheel!!

Just do it!!!

Education Minister N. Manigat has also disassociated himself from those directly involved. For example, he made, then broke, four or five meetings with Digicel, a public-spirited group, building free schools for the Ministry of Education.  And then, when these schools are completed, the Minister does not wish to pay for the teachers involved!!

In another case, the Americans built a new school near Pestel, complete with everything. And the Minister would not authorize the transfer of students from the old school to the new facility.

The new facility now sits abandoned, closed down by its American sponsors, another monument to a flawed Haitian system.

Manigat must go!

When faced with the challenge of recent exams, and the possibility that our children might not do as well as the historical statistic would expect – he applied the American approach. Lower the quality of the exam questions, rather than accept a percentage pass rate lower than the historic levels of roughly 27%.

Manigat must go!!!

This crime leaves students believing they have accomplished something, when, in reality, they have been cheated by the system – yet again.

Manigat, and his cronies, have made their money.

Toss the dirty socks in the washing machine and give us a new Minister – perhaps Vanneur Pierre.  During his time as minister Vanneur Pierre accomplished a great deal, much of which has been neutralized by Manigat.

Manigat must go!!


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