There is a lot of work that is done» (dixit DG of the PNH)-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti - Security : «There is a lot of work that is done» (dixit DG of the PNH)

Godson Orélus, the Director General of the National Police of Haiti has announced that the zones of La Plaine, Road of Frère, Pernier was cleaned at 90% of bands of kidnappers.

“[…] significant progress has been made in the results of the police. At the time when I speak to you, the zones that were the homes of kidnapping, La Plaine, Road of Frère, Pernier, we can tell you that at 90% the police cleaned these areas by dismantling gangs.

We do not remain small, since the arrest and the dismantling of gang Clifford Brandt, we started with the head […] at this level there have been great results […] the dismantling of the gang Brandt has led to several arrests and recently, we arrested a large element on the border, who was part of this network. This is a great notorious criminal who is responsible for many killings in the country, now he is in prison, at the National Penitentiary.

Investigations continue on this scourge, in order to determine all network that there are […] The investigative work has led us to the arrest of the biggest gang leader in the zone of La Plaine, who called himself ‘deputé’, his arrest led to 12 arrests of members operating in the same area […] we arrested people at all levels […] whatever the person that we find involved in this type of activity, we will arrest him […] we find more than a dozen laptops in the homes of these people […] they confessed […]

In the spinningthat continue to be made, last weekend, we made a big hit, by catching Evens Valcin, an individual who was already in prison for kidnapping before 2010, who had made a American victim, it is a great criminal.

We need the people and Parliament know that there is a lot of work that is done […]”

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All of this PNH actions, and no names. Their claims mean absolutely nothing without publishing names.

Why didn’t they dismantle these gangs before??

Smoke and mirrors.


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  1. You are correct.

    The were supposed to have suspended 75 PNH officers immediately after the Brandt case erupted. They are all still on duty, collecting their pay, in possession of their weapons and badges.

    Andresol was openly accused of criminal acts and he was not arrested. Instead, this jerk is modeling his new line of clothing that would appeal to a New York Pimp.




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