December 5, 2011

Haitian radio stations and TV outlets have been asked to suppress details, however,  sources suggest that the PRC representative to Haiti has been kidnapped and has not been released as of this morning.

Who could do this?

What are the motives?

Some suggest Dominican involvement, as they attempt to derail Haiti’s opportunity to develop rapidly, with the support of the international community.

Some suggest Aristide, for his own motivations.

While others suggest that it is an effort to destabilize the Martelly government, removing President Martelly from the game.

His recent visit to Cuba and meetings with Chavez, followed by criticism of the American embargo against Cuba has show a level of diplomatic stupidity unequaled in the Third World.

Martelly’s earlier support for Palestinian statehood – with no possible benefit for Haiti – managed to alienate Israel.

Does this rumored crime have some sort of association with Laurent Lamothe’s recent move to abandon Taiwan for the People’s Republic of China.

The PRC recent had a team in Haiti trying to gain a hold. They proposed a $2.5 billion project in Gonaives for mining of copper and silver.

During the Preval presidency, the PRC offered him $200,000,000 to withdraw Taiwan’s recognition. Even Preval would not do this but we do not have any such faith in Laurent Lamothe’s common sense.

The Martelly team has a grab the money and run mentality.

Has this gross attitude formed a basis upon which someone could justify the suicidal concept of kidnapping a foreign ambassador??

No matter what, this action – following the big investment conference – is a message to all involved. No one is safe from attack. And this assault on the Chinese representative will cause a great loss of face for the PRC.

The immediate future will be a dangerous time for all.


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  1. Wow.That is what journalist refer as a scoop.Your Gonaives mention lacks names. It was Leslie Pean and Bebe St. Remy who hosted the Chinois recently. The delegates stayed at a private residence to keep a low profile.It would be a crime if Haiti deserted Taiwan. We are their oldest diplomatic relationship. But the Martelly governement is not about anymore that stealing all the cash available with no thoughts for the future of Haiti.

  2. It could also be a message from the business community. The Haitian businessmen are interested in the generation of business possibilities while Martelly, and his team, are only interested in stealing from the Haitian treasury.
    The Martelly people are busy selling government positions for large sums of money. If someone is willing to pay $300,000 USD for a position this person must be planning to steal a lot more.Needless to say, whatever cash flow exists, in the purchased positions, it will not benefit the Haitian people.
    For a man who promised to stop the corruption – as it existed under Aristide/Preval, Martelly has – instead – accelerated the thefts to a point that would take away the breath af any Aristide/Preval criminal. Martelly has no shame, none at all.

  3. You see, Haiti is living a very complex and dangerous situation: by tradition, the haitian bourgeoisie has never been interested in developing Haiti (as most of them are of foreign ascent) except to live well with their existing business. (Don’t wonder why those good friends among themselves have never pulled together their money–many years ago they were worth over 52 billions–in order to build something big and representative in Haiti? Now that they have been blessed with the Haitian people putting them back in power through Martelly they follow the same attitude. They won’t invest their own money. Instead they’re calling on foreign investments–which I agree with because this is a good thing, but I am describing the situation for you–.
    Second to this, Martelly, being influenced by two opposed groups (his bourgeois friends who care only about themselves and our foreign partners who are highly professionals and honest citizens who genuinely want to help Haiti. Thus, sometimes President Martelly will get confused, and the danger is that at some points he may concede to things he should not thus showing a lack of experience and firmness of character.
    If all this were on a personal level it would be ok. But we are dealing with a nation of ten million people. The immediate solution could be that Martelly, if he is sincere in developing his country, aggregate some honest, professional foreign advisers to his Hatians friends-advisers who often will do or say things just to please their master.
    Again, this is not a family business that he is running, so Martelly’s obligation is to realize that he is largely responsible for the future of millions of people. This is not to be confounded with playing guitar.

  4. Good comment Ronald.

    Unfortunate for us that Martelly is dealing like a family business with his father in law, brother in law, wife and others stealing all that existed.

    Now, at the moments, Bebe St. Remy is selling work for fortunes. Some places in governement are sold for $300,000USD so the buyer can steal more than this and Haiti has no benefits.

    Sad Martelly is a major criminal, surrounded by more like Laurent Lamothe…etc

  5. What truly amazes me is the fact that the international media completely and totally missed this event. It shows that there presence in Haiti must be near zero. This is also reflected by a click on GOOGLE NEWS. There is little content from the international media.

    All of this means that the Martelly team can do anything without fear of media reporting.

    Where else – in the world – could an ambassador, and the Peoples’ Republics Representative is really an ambassador – be kidnapped without headline news?

    Kidnapping of a nation’s representative is the most gross insult possible.

    Yet – in Haiti – it passes in the night without comment.

    Perhaps there is a message here!

  6. The PRC representatives walked and jogged – alone – in the same area each day. This was really looking for trouble. It was no accident and the people knew who they were grabbing.

    It took some serious negotiating by Prime Minister, Conille and Foreign Affairs Minister Lamothe before the man was released.

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