November 26, 2010

Yesterday, Michel Martelly was supposed to make an important appearance on Radio Caribe.  He gathered a convoy of Tap Taps, all plastered with his posters and loaded with supporters, for the trip to the station.

Everyone waited to hear his remarks.

He was expected to blast Celestin, Preval and Manigat!!

He was a no show.

Martelly claimed his path to the station had been blocked by Celestin, and his people.

Cynics suggest that there were three or four other paths to the station.

Other cynics suggest the Martelly game has been one supported by Preval cash in an effort to split the Baker/Ceant vote into smaller pieces so that Preval’s effort to place Manigat or Celestin in power would have a better chance.

Preval insiders tell of large cash payments to Martelly  6 weeks ago.

Preval is buying everyone in sight with the $198,000,000 stolen from PETROCARIBE funds supposedly dedicated to hurricane relief – 2008.

The other candidates cannot even come up with Table Stakes in the Preval attempt at prolongation through a puppet.

If nothing else, Martelly will sell more CDs as a result of his exposure.

Haiti will gain nothing.

But that has always been the case.


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