Following the departure of Duvalier, in 1986, Serges Gilles returned from French exile, accompanied by a French cabinet minister. He was active in Aristide’s movement and was involved with the creation of the 1987 Constitution.

Now, his children have been kidnapped.

Some suggest they were the the Muscoso children, but we are following up to learn the truth.

Haiti is a slippery place.

If they were with Robert Muscoso’s children then the real target might have been Serges Gilles’ children.

Time will tell.


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7 thoughts on “SERGES GILLES’ CHILDREN KIDNAPPED October 19, 2012

  1. Serges Gilles’ children will be released today.

    Muscoso kidnap still under negotiations

  2. Haitian Truth devrait arrêter de diffuser des informations erronées et de créer un climat névrosé… C’est du terrorisme émotionnel.

  3. Gilles is related, by marriage, to the Baussan/UNIBANK family so this could be a motive.

  4. You guys are really on top of real news. No one in Haiti has published any of this materials.No one hears about Muscoso.None about Gilles

  5. WORST NEWS… by the way… it’s SERGILE child who was kidnapped and already released but ALSO two children of Robert Moscoso

  6. @ previous commenter : I wrote that yesterday but got censured -_-

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