February 26, 2012

During the early hours this morning, the school on Bois Verna was torched was torched as the Nation faces a crisis of major proportions.

Garry Conille’s insisted that  proper audit, of almost $500,000,000 in questionable contracts – signed by Bellerive immediately before Bellerive stepped down as Prime Minister, be carried out. This  was demanded by America’s State Department during Conille’s recent visit to Washington.

These contracts involve Dominican Senator Bautista’s companies and are rumored to have seen $34,000,000 skimmed off the top – immediately!

The DEA has a major dossier on Bautista.

When Conille pressed for the audit, Bellerive – President Martelly’s cousin – said that $500,000,000 was nothing to be concerned about. Mere pocket change.

It now seems that a major crisis has exploded within  the Dominican Republic as people point fingers at the involvement of President Fernandez with Senator Bautista and the criminal contracts.

The entire island is about to explode. Both the Haitian and Dominican governments could collapse as a result of this scandal.

There is a fire in the house and Martelly cannot smell the smoke.

He is preparing the ground for Aristide’s return to power, an impossibility before the Martelly team started to open the door for him. Yesterday, when Martelly visited the market  torched  by Aristide activists – he was greeted by the chant ARISTIDE, ARISTIDE, ARTISTIDE!!!  There is/was a message here but Martelly has his head stuck in the ground, like an ostrich and ignores reality.


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  1. Hey! Do you know who is coming in?

    Moses is on his way to deliver the entire Hispanola Island.

    Be faithful, people!
    Don’t be affraid about any step of the upcoming situation.All will be well.

    Yo tout pran nan gonm.
    Kanta pou Odit la, pa gen manti nan sa. Nou pa p kite yon senk santim kuiv desan anba a anko, toutotan nou pa jwenn tout ekip bann moun dwet siperye yo ki konprann ke lajan sakrifis tout moun ki deside ede Ayiti pou soti nan katyou bonmbe sa a, kote tout gwo vole sa yo mete l la.

    Kelkeswa touni ke sitiyasyon an pran an, se yo tout ki pral pran kod san manke pesonn.DEA,FBI, BLTS, genyen anpil travay pou yo nan peyi a ak nan tout rejyon an nan epok sa a. Netwayaj la pral fet san antoch. Vaz la plen, fok yo netwaye l. Pwen won.

  2. Bautista – if that is the way it is spelled – if the main financier of the Fernandez party candidate in the upcoming presidential election. Hyppolite will p-robably fail in his bid.

  3. I have yet to read an article on this web site without the mentioning of Aristide.

    1. Len-Perhaps you should read some more of the 3,700 articles in this site’s archive- plus, Aristide’s time in Haiti was lengthly, and his effect deep felt and long lasting.

  4. “During the early hours this morning, the school on Bois Verna was torched was torched as the Nation faces a crisis of major proportions”

    To be fully honnest, please mention that Dr Louis Lamothe, fonder of the Lope of Vega institut in Bois Verna is death since a while now…

  5. In a country with such a high percentage of illiteracy, people have the nerve to continue burning/torching schools. I remember too well the destruction of former schools such as Republique Argentine, a public school. The people who need them the most are the ones destroying them. In the midst of all of it, we still continue to promote the cult of personality. If someone says that he loves Haiti and that he is the only one that can solve its problems and the people of Haiti, doesn’t it sound too presumptuous not to mention egotistical. Especially since some of those who pretend to have all the solution have already been given the chance to do so and have failed so miserably. Have mercy on the people of Haiti!

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