June 23, 2012

Have a good idea that could help Martelly’s government succeed and generate an excellent image for future generations?

You might have an agriculture process, that would feed the masses, and generate a profit.

You might have designed a “better mouse trap” that would rid Haiti of disease, and generate a billion dollar profit.

Forget it!

Have a bad idea, with some cash to share, and Sophie Martelly will give “The First Lady’s” approval which equates with a dictatorial nod.  Call Sophie up and say “I have a million dollars in my hand” … preferable “five million…”and she will receive you. Of course, she will want a big percentage of the million, lessening any help for the Nation.

In one case, there was only $350,000 of the $1,000,000 left after Sophie’s grab. Others took part of the $350,000 leaving only $100,000, perhaps  less for the project, a project that really needed $1,000,000 to succeed.

Unless you can put a bribe on the table, there is no access.

And then, the Martelly team is drowning the ministries, and government agencies, with new employees that know nothing about their job. Martelly said, as he inaugurated a few of these additions…”If you don’t know what you are doing, just sit there and collect  your check. Fuck it!!”

Petro-Caribe is just one by pool of cash to be targeted by the Martelly team, as it siphons off millions. TELECO will be seen as source of a new financial scandal/crime.

Insider say that the Martelly criminal are “stupid criminals.”

One would never think of saying Preval was more competent – as a President, but it is beginning to look that way.

The Haitian peoples’ love is turning sour, bit by bit. When they realize that their hero is worse than his predecessors – Aristide/Preval, they will erupt with a fury that cannot be squelched.

These are sad days for Haiti.


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  1. You are very truthful.
    We had hopes for Martelly but they have departed us.
    Sad, sad, sadly.

  2. Octobre will be the turn point with school openings. The school situation is already impossible as Martelly word worth zero. Opening school will see many manifestations.
    Perhaps Gonaives will explode and bring entire country with it.

  3. Rumour widespread that $200,000 for airport director position Cap Haitien. Applicant not qualified and Elsa Baussan does not wish the return of man’s monies.

    Corruptions before nothing when comparison to now.

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